If you’re shopping for a bumper guard to protect your vehicle while it’s parked, there’s a good chance you’ve come across BumperBully’s products. One of the most popular brands for bumper guards on Amazon, BumperBully specializes in high-quality rear protectors that are available in three models: Black Edition, Gold Edition, and Platinum Edition.

Since it is a rear bumper guard, BumperBully’s products are intended to be used only when a vehicle is parked. After installing the rear guard in your trunk, you simply have to pull it out after you park so that it covers your rear bumper. When installing and testing a rear bumper guard, you should make sure it doesn’t touch the exhaust of your vehicle and it isn’t covering your rear license plate when it’s in use.

If you’re researching whether BumperBully’s product does the job, you’ve come to the right place. We take a look at all three BumperBully models and their features to see whether the price difference is worth paying.

BumperBully Platinum Edition Rear Bumper Protector

bumper bully platinum edition rear bumper protector

Let’s start at the top of the BumperBully range with the Platinum Edition rear bumper protector. Billed as the “best quality deluxe bumper protector on the market,” the Platinum Edition comes standard with high visibility 3M reflectors, steel reinforced straps, and additional 10mm thick cushion impact pads for extra impact absorption and protection. Those cushions, which are only found on the Platinum Edition, are soft foam rubber pads placed in strategic locations on the back of the bumper guard. They’re designed to absorb additional impact from minor parking bumps.

The BumperBully Platinum Edition measures 46-inches wide by 12-inches tall and is manufactured from premium grade rubber material that is PVC free. The all-weather rubber material stays flexible even in the cold and is designed to be used rain or shine. BumperBully says it will not crack, break, or tear.

Helping set BumperBully’s rear protectors apart from the competition is a patented stabilizer bar system, that helps keep the bumper guard from sagging. The stabilizer bars add structural stability to the product, giving a secure anchor point for the straps. This helps make sure the bumper guard stays flat on the rear bumper, preventing flop overs and sagging corners.

Found on both the Gold and Platinum Edition BumperBully guards are reinforced straps that feature vinyl-coated steel cable embedded inside. The straps are triple stitched for durability, which also helps prevent theft since traditional scissors or knives aren’t able to cut them. The 3M reflectors are another feature that is only found on the Gold and Platinum Edition models, which helps increase visibility at nighttime for vehicles parking behind you.

Compared to the Gold Edition model, the Platinum Edition adds the additional 10mm of soft cushion padding on the back of the product. If you often park in tight urban city environments, it may be worth the extra few bucks to get the range-topping model. The impact pads are also helpful in preventing accidental scratches to your rear bumper when using the rear bumper guard.

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BumperBully Gold Edition Rear Bumper Protector

bumper bully gold edition rear bumper protector

Now that you know and understand what comes with the BumperBully Platinum Edition, let’s take a look at the Gold Edition. As the mid-range option, the Gold Edition is recommended if you feel comfortable without the extra 10mm cushion found on the Platinum Edition. Everything else about the product is essentially the same as the more expensive Platinum Edition, except the patented stabilizer bars are finished in a gold color rather than a platinum shade.

The BumperBully Gold Edition measures 46-inches wide and 12-inches tall, just like the Platinum Edition, and comes with steel reinforced security straps that help deter theft. It’s made from the same premium grade, soft, elastic rubber material that doesn’t have any PVC plastic like competing products. The bottom of the protector is also equipped with 3M reflectors that increase nighttime visibility.

If the price difference isn’t an issue to you, we recommend getting the Platinum Edition just for the peace of mind that the cushions will help protect your rear bumper from accidental scratches. Even if no one bumps into your car, the guard could accumulate dust or dirt, and rubbing against your bumper could leave marks. This is also why it’s recommended to routinely clean your bumper guard, especially since you’re storing it in your trunk.

BumperBully Black Edition Rear Bumper Protector

bumper bully black edition rear bumper protector

The entry-level BumperBully Black Edition is the most affordable, and is even priced competitively against other products with less features and coverage. It has the same overall dimensions at 46-inches wide and 12-inches tall, constructed with the same all-weather rubber material as the Gold and Platinum Editions. It does however, lack the 3M reflectors and steel reinforced straps found on the more expensive models. If you don’t do a lot of nighttime parking on streets, those features may not be necessary for you.

While it’s a minor detail, the stabilizer bars are finished in black, giving them a more stealthy appearance that blends in with the rest of the product.

The BumperBully Black Edition is recommended for vehicle owners who tend to park on busy streets during the daytime. The reflectors aren’t necessary when the sun’s shining bright, and it’s less likely someone will try to steal the rear bumper guard in broad daylight. If you’re also able to keep the BumperBully clean and you’re careful each time you’re taking it out for use, then the extra cushion isn’t essential either. For occasional use, the Black Edition is more than adequate, assuming the 46-inch wide bumper guard provides good coverage on your specific vehicle.

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