Thule is one of the leading roof box manufacturers. Established in 1942, the innovative Swedish company manufactures some of the best roof boxes in the world. With good durability and researched aerodynamics, Thule manages to offer high-quality products that are made for all types of cars and needs. With an inclination towards stylish designs and clever features, Thule roof boxes are an impressive addition to the traveling driver and for entire families. Whether you consider packing extra clothing, camping gear or even sporting equipment, Thule has a roof box for you.

What makes Thule roof boxes unique?

While there are many roof box manufacturers on the market, Thule can be hard to match when it comes to proper performance in an attractive package. With the great aerodynamic performance, the Swedish roof boxes are made for the modern driver. Here’s what makes them unique:


With technologies such as AeroNose, Thule products focus on improved aerodynamics and less wind drag, which helps save you fuel. Since the way the car drives at higher speeds is to influenced by these roof boxes, the manufacturer has been constantly upgrading their design for a smoother experience.

SecureLock protection

All roof boxes made by Thule are protected by anti-theft features. One of the latest designs in this area comes with the SecureLock system, which keeps all your belongings safe.

Stylish Designs

With designs that combine high-gloss finishes with improved two-tone profiles, Thule’s roof boxes look sleek and more futuristic than the competition. The appealing design of the latest Thule design can be hard to match for most other manufacturers. Most Thule roof boxes can also open from either side, making them more practical and versatile.

Ease of Installation

With features such as the Power-Click quick mount, Thule roof boxes are fast to install on the roof of your car. Most of them don’t even need any tools during the installation process. But when it comes to the ultimate design, you can choose one of the following options for an impressive cargo carrying experience.

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Thule 612 Hyper Rack

Made with Thule’s AeroNose design, the Hyper Rack offers one of the best solutions in terms of practicality and aesthetics. But its appealing looks go far beyond the glossy two-tone design. The roof box is made for the ultimate aerodynamic performance, which allows you to stay safe at higher speeds and use less fuel.

The box comes with a storage capacity of 17 cubic feet, which should be enough for most drivers. Thule goes further than other manufacturers by offering some ground-breaking characteristics to make the roof box the ultimate product. With an interior light, the box is easier to use at night. The light automatically turns on every time you open the lid. Made with the SecureLock technology, Thule uses the same key to lock the box and to secure it to the roof rack as well.

Installation is easy as well, as the roof box can be installed with no tools and it even comes with features such as the AcuTight mounting knobs, which give you an audible click when it is mounted in the correct position. With the dual-side opening, the box is one of the most up-to-date options from Thule.

Thule Sonic Cargo Box

As one of the best all-around cargo boxes, the Sonic offers impressive aerodynamic performance as well. Based on the same AeroNose technology and research data as the HyperBox, the Sonic comes with reduced air drag. The box can also offer protection against theft with its included SecureLock technology.

But the cargo box is a good addition for those who are seeking the ultimate practicality, especially when parked in tight spaces such as busy parking lots. It is here that the dual-side opening lid offers the maximum freedom and practicality to access your cargo.

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Available in 16, 18, and 22 cubic feet, the Motion XT is one of Thule’s most popular roof boxes. The box is also one of the easiest to install due to the Power-Click quick-mount system, which simply clicks when in position. But the practical design of the roof box can also be seen in the way it is handled after installation with the handy outer support handles.

The roof box has also been optimized for aerodynamics. While it doesn’t feature AeroNose technology, it is still shaped in a way that reduces air drag.

In terms of security, it is on par with Thule’s standards, offering a built-in locking mechanism. Besides its futuristic design, it’s also offered in black, titan, and white. Made in various sizes, the roof box can be installed on hatchbacks, SUVs, or vans.

Our Final Verdict

Thule has been manufacturing some of the most interesting roof boxes on the market. The Swedish manufacturer has certainly made an impact on the industry. If you are looking for the most innovative solution, the Hyper Rack encompasses plenty of modern features. If you are seeking better value, the Sonic roof box is the choice. An in-between solution comes with the Motion XT, which is affordable and also maintains great functionality and up to date technologies such as the Power-Click quick mount system.

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Photo credit: Thule