If you tow with your vehicle, you will need a trailer ball mount, which is also known as a hitch ball mount, or simply a ball mount. But it’s not as simple as just picking one that looks nice – there are a lot of considerations to make when buying a ball mount for your towing vehicle. Ball mounts vary in terms of size, type, weight capacity, price, features, vehicle compatibility, and so much more.

After carefully researching and assessing the different types of trailer ball mounts on the market, we have compiled this list of the top 10 best trailer ball mounts to help you to pick the best one for your trailer. 

If you aren’t familiar with trailer ball mounts, this article comes with a detailed buyer’s guide so you can learn about them, what they’re for, and find out what to look for when buying one.

If you want to skip the “all about” section and go right to the list of best trailer ball mounts, use the table of contents to navigate.

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1. Editor's Pick: Connor 1623290 Ball Hitch

Connor USA is a well-known automotive company that provides an amazing line of products using state-of-the-art manufacturing and innovation to make high-quality ball mounts that are durable and reliable. The company’s production process ensures that customers get quality products without having to spend a lot of money, giving the best quality to price ratio.

The Connor 1623290 Ball Hitch is a loaded ball mount that makes use of a high-quality durable black powder coated finish. This provides an exceptional rust and corrosion resistance so you can have a long-lasting design and style that is also functional. With a gross trailer weight of 6,000 pounds and a tongue weight capacity of 600 pounds, this is a strong ball mount at a great price tag.

The mount is tested to meet US V-5 and SAE J684 regulations for a reliable product. It can be used in both the drop and rise positions according to your requirement and can accommodate standard 2-inch trailer hitch receivers. The whole kit includes a 2-inch chrome-covered hitch ball, as well as a hitch pin and clip.

If you’re still unsure about the safety and security of this ball mount set, Connor offers a limited lifetime warranty that can assure customers with the quality and performance they’re looking for. 

2. MaxxHaul 70270 Triple Ball Mount

maxxhaul 70270 black hollow shaft triple ball mount

The MaxxHaul 70270 Triple Ball Mount is a versatile product that can offer three different applications while still managing to accommodate a large variety of vehicle types and towing systems. With its 2 x 2-inch receiver, it’s compatible with the majority of standard systems.

The ball mount has a heavy-duty black powder coat finish with a stylish black hitch ball design that also features a durable solid steel build. This allows you to benefit from a sophisticated look, strength, and durability. You can rely on the construction since the mount is tested to meet all SAE standards.

Going back to the three different applications, the mount can tow 2,000 pounds with the 1-7/8-inch ball, 5,000 pounds with the 2-inch ball and 7,500 pounds with its 2-5/16″ ball. Unlike other products on the market, this offers a versatile option so that you don’t need to buy different mounts for each vehicle or trailer. 

You can leave the mount installed upside down without an upright ball and still have extra space to carry items with your full-size trucks. This is especially useful on farms where there are different ball sizes, trucks and trailers so you can make use of the versatility. 

3. Reese Towpower 21512 Multiple-Ball Trailer Mount

reese towpower 21512 multiple ball ball mount

The Reese Towpower 21512 is a black carbon-made InterLock ball mount that makes use of a unique and innovative one-piece design and high quality. It is made to provide a larger towing capacity and better performance because of its weld-free build and stylish and durable finish.

The Reese InterLock mechanism is a patented hexagonal system that provides an easy one-wrench installation system along with the Reese InterLock hitch ball. This means that installing the trailer ball mount is more efficient and easier and simultaneously prevents hitch damage. Along with the corrosion and rust-resistant OEM powder coat finish, the mount is meant to have the most durable design.

The Reese Towpower Tri-Ball Trailer Mounts provides convenience and ease of use in situations where folks have various towing requirements and vehicle types. Offering complete versatility with each hitch ball mount, the three different balls can be easily switched for every hitch or trailer type to provide a wider limit of towing capacities ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds.

The reason that the mount is so convenient and easy to use is that you just have to pull out the tow bar and switch to the required ball size for the right weight capacity to meet your towing requirement properly. Like all other Reese Towpower products, the Tri-Ball trailer mounts are designed and tested to excel in both quality and performance.

4. Connor 1623750 Tri-Ball Hitch

connor 1623750 tri-ball hitch

If you’re an avid traveler or trucker that has to deal with crucial heavy loads on the daily, then the Connor 1623750 Tri-Ball Hitch is a great solution. The hitch is essentially made to manage heavy-duty requirements so that it can suit all regular 2-inch towing hitch systems and 2 x 2-inch receivers.

Another great benefit of this Connor ball mount is the versatility with regards to vehicle and trailer compatibility. You can use it for various types of hitches and trailer options so that you can benefit from the largest weight capacity while simultaneously getting better stability and usage options. With 10,000 pounds of GTW capacity, this is a great mount option for heavy-duty use.

The ball mount’s engineering has to do with solid and dependable heavy-duty steel designing that also has a high-quality durable black powder coat finish that gives you the added resistance against corrosion, rust, scratches and other damages from daily use. If you still have concerns with the construction, it’s good to know that the ball mount meets SAE J-684 regulations to give you reliability and towing safety.

The Connor brand takes manufacturing seriously by utilizing innovative technology and production to give you a high-quality ball mount for better security and safety. This mount also has the added benefit of a lifetime warranty.

5. MaxxHaul 70380 Dual Ball Mount

maxxhaul 70380 black chrome adjustable dual ball mount

If you want to get a reasonably priced trailer ball mount that balances both quality and performance, then the MaxxHaul 70380 Dual Ball Mount is a great pick. The mount offers a large load capacity of up to 8,000 pounds while using its 2-inch hitch ball.

Looking for a larger capacity? Well, the mount’s 2 5/16-inch ball provides you with a whopping 12,000 pounds of gross trailer weight capacity, which means the mount is definitely ideal for heavy-duty use.

In addition, several customers noted that they like that the mount has a versatile range of functional heights that rest between the highest rise limit of 1.5 inches and the lowest drop limit of 6.5 inches. This is a great range of variation, making it a top contender amongst many other expensive hitches on the market.

The MaxxHaul 70380 is built completely from steel, which essentially solidifies the mount’s title as one of the most durable and dependable ball mounts. That said, there are some things you have to consider with this mount.

If you need to use some other ball type instead of the 2-inch ones, you’ll find using the mount to be difficult, which is why measuring your ball mounts is important. That said, the mount all but makes up for this slight inconvenience with its amazing weight capacity and versatility.

6. Weigh Safe Drop 180 Hitch

weigh safe ltb4-2.5 180 hitch adjustable hitch and ball mount

The 180-degree Weigh Safe Drop Trailer Hitch has solidified its position in the towing industry with its high-quality construction. This mount’s durable and reliable design makes it quite popular.

The ball mount is made to be adjustable, with one ball on top and the other below. The load capacity of each one of these balls is excellent. The 2-inch ball provides you with a gross trailer weight capacity of up to 8,000 pounds, while the other ball excels, with a capacity of 14,500 pounds. With a TWC of 2,200 pounds, this is definitely a heavy-duty mount.

The rust-proof aluminum design offers you the assurance that your mount will not be affected by corrosion, rust, scratches or other damage. The ball mount is built using premium stainless steel.

The hitch not only excels at standard regulations for quality control but also is backed up by the Weigh Safe customer support team that can handle any and all issues and replacements you might have to handle in the future. 

7. B&W Trailer Hitches TS20048B Tri-Ball Hitch

b&w trailer hitches tow & stow triple ball hitch

Instead of getting new trailers to work with specific tongue sizes, the B&W Trailer Hitches TS20048B Tri-Ball Hitch provides you with the option of three balls that can handle any trailer or load size and type. If you have to tow different trailers regularly, you just have to change the balls by switching them around till the right one sits on top.

The first ball has a loading capacity of up to 3,500 pounds, the second up to 7,500 pounds and the last one a whopping 14,500 pounds. This trailer ball mount can save you a ton of money with its versatility — you don’t have to buy three separate ball mounts. While still comparatively more expensive, you know the money is well-spent with this tri-ball hitch.

Another benefit you can enjoy is the mount’s ability to provide you with a 5-inch drop and a 4.5-inch rise. The height is also easily adjustable using one-inch increments. In terms of performance, the mount does well with its durable steel build. Corrosion is the last thing to be concerned about with its resistant black powder coat finish.

The pins and the clips that come with the mount are both sturdy and rust-resistant. Furthermore, the mount provides customers with the convenience to hide both the balls and the mounts below their vehicles when they’re not being used.

To avoid theft, the locks can secure the balls so you don’t have to get additional locks. Very few individuals tow just the one type of trailer, so it is only a burden to find and buy various ball sizes for each trailer you have to haul. With this mount, that problem becomes a non-issue.

8. Andersen Hitches 3410 Adjustable Ball Mount

andersen hitches rapid hitch adjustable ball mount

The Andersen Hitches 3410 Adjustable Ball Mount is known for its high-quality aluminum design and premium construction. The mount can be easily adjusted up or down and is provided with the standard 2-inch and 2 5/16-inch reversible mount balls that offer a wide loading capacity range.

Designed using a well-constructed structure that incorporates the ultimate aluminum alloy, you will never have to worry about rust or corrosion with this zinc-plated steel mount balls. The 3410 comes up to 10,000 pounds in gross towing capacity and 1,500 pounds in terms of tongue weight capacity. The aluminum design not only makes it light but also very strong even with a weight of only 15 pounds.

A useful greaseless ball version makes this mount even simpler to manage and adjust. This mount is great to use with different trailers. All you have to do is flip each ball over to the one needed, switch the drop position to a rise, or change the height of the drop by just taking out the hitch pin.

These easy adjustment measures allow you to keep your trailer as even as possible for the ideal management and the most secure functionality. The Rapid Hitch ball mount can be adjusted up or down using one-inch increments with the quick and easy pin setup. This fully tested and certified USA-made product is definitely one worth buying.

9. Towever 84188 Dual Ball Mount

towever 84188 trailer hitch dual ball mount

Towever manages to maintain its position in our list of top 10 best trailer ball mounts with yet another well-designed high-quality ball mount from its range of products. The Towever 84188 Dual Ball Mount is a mount designed to provide quick and easy switching between balls for convenience and versatility wherever it is needed.

The 1-7/8-inch ball has a gross towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds with a tongue capacity of around 200 pounds. Conversely, the 2-inch ball has a GTWC rating of up to 5,000 pounds and a TWC rating of up to 500 pounds.

Not only are the weight capacities ideal for most basic trailers, campers, vehicles and fishing boats out there, but the mount is designed with a standard 2 x 2-inch receiver hitch opening for greater compatibility. The mount itself manages to meet all existing SAE safety regulations.

Although some people claim that the mount has a poor finish that makes it more susceptible to rust and corrosion, the majority of customers are satisfied with the mount’s ability to provide basic and easy mounting and towing options, without having to break the bank.

10. YITAMOTOR Loaded Ball Mount

yitamotor trailer hitch ball mount

YITAMOTOR is an automotive company that promises to provide its customers with a wide variety of automotive and towing accessories for all their needs and requirements. While they’re mainly well-known for their LED lighting accessories, the company manages to produce one of the best trailer balls mounts out on the market as well.

The YITAMOTOR Loaded Ball Mount is designed to accommodate a 2 x 2-inch receiver hitch tube and has an acceptable shank length of 10 1/4 inches along with a one-inch hole diameter and an adjustable 2-inch trailer ball. All of these make the mount well-designed and accommodating for most trailer and vehicle types.

The ball mount is made for heavy-duty towing since it provides a gross trailer weight capacity of up to 6,000 pounds. This makes it ideal for towing trailers, campers, motorcycles, ATVs and other items easily and conveniently.

Moreover, the ball mount comes with a pin and clip to insert it into the right receiver tube that can accommodate its size. With a glossy black powder coat finish that can resist corrosion, rust, chipping and UV damage, as well as a great warranty for up to a year, you know you can rely on this ball mount to get the job done.

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What is a trailer ball mount used for?

A ball mount is a metal accessory that is inserted into a receiver hitch to form a mounting base for holding the trailer ball. It comes in many different types and capacities to manage various trailers and coupler heights. If you’re looking to tow something, you’ll have to choose the right components for your towing system, including the hitches, receivers, ball mounts, and hitch couplers.

Most of the time, hitches have their own receiver and ball mount that can be taken off and kept inside the vehicle. The benefit of using a ball mount is that you can switch your mounts to accommodate different sizes of trailer couplers. Simply put, a ball mount facilitates the ability of your trailer to turn with your car.

Why do I need a trailer ball mount?

A trailer ball mount is essential for anybody looking to invest in the safest towing solution. Not only do trailer ball mounts allow you the versatility of connecting and carrying a wide variety of vehicles, trailers, fishing boats, campers and other important gear for traveling or work, but the ball mount itself is usually designed to withstand large loads while maintaining its design and durability for long periods of use.

One of the other benefits of the trailer ball mount is that it is compatible with various sizes and types of trailer towing systems so you can use the one ball mount for a large number of different vehicles without buying a specific one for each. This way, you won’t have to worry about causing any road accidents with improper towing while using any of your vehicles.

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What are the different kinds of trailer ball mounts?

Ball mounts are classified based on their weight capacities. The two important weight measurements include the gross towing weight (GTW), which is the cumulative weight of your trailer and load, as well as the tongue weight (TW) which is the weight at the point where the mount and hitch connect. Here’s a look at the mounting class and respected weight measurements:

Mount Class TW (WC)/lbs. GTW (WC)/lbs. TW (WD)/lbs. GTW (WD)/lbs.
I 200 2,000 N/A N/A
II 300 3,500 N/A N/A
III 600 6,000 1,000 10,000
IV 1,000 10,000 1,400 14,000
V 1,200 12,000 1,700 17,000

Once you’ve chosen a type based on weight capacity, it’s time to take a look at the different ball mounts you’ll find are made for light or heavy-duty pickup trucks based on the style of design:

  • ­Self-aligning: ball mounts that help align the towing system by making a “V” to help the trailer coupler onto the ball.
  • Multi-ball: ball mounts that have a ball on three or four areas that can be switched to accommodate various coupler sizes.
  • Cushioned: mounts that absorb shock so that the trailer load doesn’t affect the drivetrain while speeding or braking.
  • Integral: a one-piece mount that has no opening to accommodate other balls since it has an integral ball already in place.
  • Dual-ball: designed like multi-ball mounts except it uses two balls.
  • Triple-ball with pintle hook: designed like multi-ball mounts except it uses a pintle hook to connect with lunette-ringed trailer couplers.

What to look for in the right trailer ball mount

When looking for the right trailer ball mount, there are several factors to consider, including:

Towing Capacity and System Requirements

For an easy tow, use the appropriate mount class for your towing system. The system’s maximum weight capacity is always rated according to the minimum rated item in the system. Your towing system cannot have a rating higher than the maximum mount rating.

The hitch ball diameter should have a similar diameter as the trailer coupler. The shank diameter of the hitch ball should and the hole diameter of the ball mount should also be the same. The shank has to be long enough to accommodate about two threads for visibility when the hitch ball is connected and the nut is secured.

Vehicle Type

Manufacturers usually specify which vehicles their ball mounts are specifically designed for. You can check whether your vehicle type works with a specific ball mount by checking the manufacturer manual or online website.

Trailer Weight

As specified above, trailer weight plays a huge role in classifying the types of ball mounts. To find one that suits your trailer best, you’ll need to know your trailer’s weight to see which mount can best accommodate it.

Load Size

Load size is just as important as trailer weight. The type and size of load you’ll be carrying will determine the type and strength of trailer ball mount you’ll have to choose to carry the load safely and securely.

2017 Ford F-150 XLT

Trailer Height

The height of your trailer can make all the difference between safety and fatality. If you want to prevent any accidents with an unstable trailer load, you should measure the trailer and hitch to ensure your vehicle and trailer are even. This way your trailer and vehicle can work together for safer towing.


Of course, your budget will end up making the ultimate decision for you. The cost for a trailer ball mount can range from $20 to $100 or more. Cushioned ball mounts are more expensive since they use certain internal components that add to the manufacturing and technology costs, leading to a larger retail price.

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