2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Review: The Last of the Manuals

The Volkswagen GLI is celebrating its 40th anniversary. More importantly though, it is tasked with carrying the enthusiast torch as the final VW to have a manual transmission. With the Golf GTI and the Golf R both losing their six-speeds after 2024, the GLI will be the lone soldier.

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The Mercedes-AMG GT Goes Hybrid For Big Power

201 horsepower. That’s the figure Mercedes says will be added to the AMG GT’s already substantial power output, coming courtesy of an electric motor placed on the rear axle of the recently updated coupe.

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GMC's Next Terrain Coming For The 2026 Model Year

GMC’s press materials make no mention of exactly when the next Terrain SUV will arrive. “GMC plans to reveal the next-generation Terrain later this year,” they read. It appears someone at GMC forgot to scrub useful information from the photo file names, which reads “my26terrain-homePage-1920x1440-v2” and suggests the Terrain will arrive in 2025 as a 2026 model year car.

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Could Your State Be the Most Expensive for Car Owners?

When considering the purchase of a new vehicle, it's important to look beyond the initial payment and consider the annual costs associated with owning a car. These expenses can vary significantly from one state to another due to differences in taxes, insurance premiums, fuel costs, and maintenance expenses.

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How BlackVue Just Made Dash Cams Even Better

It’s quite the world we live in today, and because of that, you need to cover yourself with as much security as possible. When you’re behind the wheel, things can get crazy and out-of-hand in a hurry. It is best to have some way to back up your side of events, and a dash cam is a great solution. The problem with some dash cam systems is simple - they don’t offer enough resolution to be of any use. That is where BlackVue comes in with its latest line of DR970X Plus Series systems that provide 4K resolution and a host of features that ensure you have the added peace of mind you want.

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The 10 Car Brands with Surprisingly Low Owner Loyalty
Shelby Super Snake Offers An 830-HP Ford Mustang For Only 250 People

The S650 Mustang now has its own Shelby Super Snake.

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10 Brands With the Most Loyal Customers
2025 Toyota Camry First Drive Review: Better Best-Seller

More of a heavy facelift than a fully new model, the 2025 Toyota Camry nonetheless improves the brand's best-seller by updating the cabin and improving refinement across the board. Now exclusively hybrid-powered, the mid-sized four-door has a dash of Prius style inside and out.

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The Lucid Air Grand Touring Is Better Than Ever

The Lucid Air Grand Touring is receiving a slew of crucial updates for 2024. The Air Grand Touring, which sits just below Lucid’s range-topping Sapphire trim, picks some parts from the brand’s most powerful sedan in addition to some serious range figures.

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3 Ways the 2024 Toyota Crown is an Unusual Sedan

The Toyota Crown came out last year, replacing the Avalon atop Toyota’s sedan hierarchy. With a choice of hybrid powertrains, the Crown offers a good combination of power, ride comfort, and efficiency.

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2025 Ford Mustang GT 60th Anniversary is a Retro Diamond Jubilee

Ford kicked off the Mustang's 60th anniversary on Wednesday. It was on this day, April 17, that the original model first debuted at the World's Fair in 1964. The Blue Oval will be hosting a birthday event at Charlotte Motor Speedway later today, but ahead of that it revealed a special edition Mustang named, appropriately enough, the 60th Anniversary Package.

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50 Photos of Maserati’s First Luxury EV
Subaru Retains Pricing for 2025 Legacy and Outback Amidst Updates

Subaru of America, Inc. has set the pricing for its 2025 models of the Legacy and Outback, keeping them unchanged from the previous year at $24,895 for the Legacy and $28,895 for the Outback. These models are scheduled for release at dealerships in the upcoming spring.

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15 Futuristic Photos of Karma's First EV, the Gyesera
We Try the Genesis Retail Experience, for a Special Cause

The Genesis brand’s meteoric rise is something we haven’t seen in decades, if ever. The brand went from a few niche models within the Hyundai portfolio, to a full-fledged, multi-vehicle luxury brand in the span of 10 or so years. More importantly, it’s also a wholly competitive player in the luxury market, with vehicles like the G70, GV70, and GV60 receiving international acclaim.

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