GQ Puts Pink Driving Shoes on Their Best Things in the World List

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

Guys, when GQ says it’s ok to wear pink shoes, feel free to pick up a pair without fear of losing your “Man Card.”

It’s true! On the list of Best Things in the World, compiled by GQ Magazine, Kurt Geiger’s Florio driving shoes make the cut at number 27. Going neutral is so 2009 – real men can now drive confidently in pink and purple designer driving shoes without fear of mockery.

Sure, they come in the usual colors – blue, brown, gray and navy. But when is the next time it’ll be cool for men to wear pink? The last time it was, Crocket and Tubbs were keeping the streets of Miami safe from diamond thieves and coke kingpins.

Get your pair of Kurt Geiger pink driving shoes before the rush hits and they run out! They’ll cost you about £95 (roughly $150) and make any car you’re driving look good.

[Source: Cars & Life]

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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