Tesla to Replace 1,100 Defective Model S Drive Units in Norway


The Tesla Model S is running into issues in Norway.

According to a recent report, the American automaker is replacing 1,100 defective drive units on Model S sedans produced for Norway after several owners reported issues with the vehicles. Some owners stated that their vehicles made circular saw sounds or clunking noises and sensations. Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an email out to the affected owners in Norway saying, “Unfortunately, this happened when a large batch of cars were produced for Norway, affecting approximately 1,100 vehicles. Approximately 1% have experienced premature wear out of the coupling.”

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To help resolve the issue, Tesla has hired additional techs and the new drive units are being flown to Norway as quickly as they can be manufactured. The American automaker is hoping to have all the affected vehicles repaired within one month.

GALLERY: 2013 Tesla Model S


[Source: Norway Today]

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