Mazda MX-6 Trademark Application Has Us Praying For Coupe’s Return

Mazda has built many sought-after, well-loved cars. Take the ND Miata, RX-7 and Cosmo, for example. Not only three of Mazda’s greatest hits, but some of the best cars ever made. The Mazda MX-6, however, is not so iconic. The first-generation MX-6 , while stylish, wasn’t a runaway sales success. The second-generation MX-6 shared a platform with the Ford Probe and was never the enthusiast darling or cheeky daily driver that many other Mazdas were. Not surprisingly, Mazda discontinued the MX-6 nameplate at the end of the second-generation model’s six-year production run and never looked back. Not until now, that is.

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AutoGuide has dug up a trademark application with the Japanese Patent Office for the ‘Mazda MX-6’ name to be used on “automobiles and parts and accessories thereof.” The JPO’s site is a bit confusing, making it hard to link directly to the filing itself, but you can view a version of it at this link. Mazda filed for the trademark on October 16th, 2018.

A trademark filing for a name is flimsy evidence that a model is set to return, but it’s interesting to see Mazda keeping its old names in the family. That said, it will need names for its forthcoming EV – although we hear the brand’s first battery electric car won’t be sports car.

It may be far fetched, but we’ll still have our fingers crossed for a modern-day Mazda MX-6 with styling inspired by the RX Vision or RX Vision Coupe. Now that would be something.

With additional reporting by Dennis Chung.

[Source: JPO]