The Right Additives Are Like Chemical Tools for Your Car


Chances are you’ve already got a box full of tools for working on cars and trucks. Socket wrenches, combination wrenches, gear pullers, and countless specialty tools that are for doing just one thing on just one vehicle. The right chemical additives are like good specialty tools. Designed to do a job and to do it well. Liqui Moly has a full line of these chemical tools, made in Germany to the highest standards.

We already know that some automotive additives are snake oils. Claims like “50 percent better fuel economy” or “fix that broken connecting rod with one bottle.” You wouldn’t believe a screwdriver that made these claims, so why would you believe a bottle that said it?

You wouldn’t.

But additives are extremely important to your vehicle, even in the fluids that were added from the factory. Additives in oil help make sure it can lubricate engine internals and flow in cold weather. Additives in gasoline can help reduce fuel system deposits that build up over time, with additives in diesel preventing cold-weather gelling or the long-term growth of algae. Many clutch-type limited-slip differentials are completely useless without the right gear oil additives.

The right additives, designed and tested in a lab, can do amazing things for your vehicle. They can do them faster and more cost effectively than replacing parts that might otherwise be ready for years more service.

What do we mean?

Liqui Moly Jetron

Take Liqui Moly’s Jetron fuel additive. Deposits can build up in your engine and fuel system over time, especially if you use lower-quality fuels. Adding Jetron gives the car a big additive boost. This can help remove deposits from inside your fuel injectors and the rest of your fuel system. It can restore fuel efficiency and improve how your engine runs, if both of those have declined over their peaks after years of use.

For late-model hybrid vehicles, especially plug-in hybrids, fuel can sit in the tank for much longer than normal. Modern fuels with ethanol can draw in water and lose effectiveness over that time. Liqui Moly Hybrid Additive is meant to stabilize your fuel over those long periods, protecting it from aging and oxidation.

Motor Oil Saver is chemically engineered to help maintain and restore rubber and plastic seals as well as valve stem seals in your engine. Over time, these parts can dry out, harden, and become brittle. Rejuvenating the seals can help reduce oil consumption and blue exhaust smoke, in some cases even stopping it. This can reduce pollution and reduce the amount of maintenance (an engine using oil needs frequent checking and filling) your vehicle needs.

Liqui Moly Motor Oil Saver

Other additives that can save you time and money include Liqui Moly Radiator Stop Leak. It’s not meant to fix the hole left by that rock you hit. It’s meant to seal leaks that result from hairline cracks and porous solder joints. The problems that can sideline an otherwise perfectly good radiator that are not worth the time, effort, or expense of removal and repair. Liqui Moly’s product doesn’t react with oxygen or heat like other products, so it won’t clog your cooling system and make your engine overheat, a common issue with lesser quality additives.

Can you bring back an engine that has spun a bearing or cracked a piston? No. But with Liqui Moly’s extensive catalogue of engine and fluid additives, you can help solve and prevent the issues that cause those serious engine and fuel system problems. Like all auto maintenance, it’s about using the right tool for the right job.

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