Your car may have a big trunk that can swallow a lot of luggage and cargo, but it’s a big, empty area, which means that it’s not very good at organizing your stuff. Sure, some manufacturers put some kind of storage under the floor for smaller items, but for general use, it’s very hard to keep the trunk organized.

This is particularly true for grocery bags, which if not organized properly, can make a real mess in your trunk. I once had a crate of strawberries flying around back there and my car smelled like jam for a month and there are still red stains everywhere. In addition to that, smaller hard items can make a lot of noise while flying around the trunk, which can be distracting and also be a safety hazard.

If you want to solve the problem of a messy trunk once and for all, you need a trunk organizer. They will not only help you organize your stuff better, but they will also help you maximize the space in your trunk. The best thing about them is that they are inexpensive and the higher-quality ones should last a long time. In our opinion, everybody should have one in the trunk because it will come in handy at some point.

To help you choose the right trunk organizer for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best trunk organizers you can buy right now.

Updated 02/25/2020 with more information on trunk organizers.

1. Editor's Pick: Trunkcratepro Collapsible Portable Multi Compartments Trunk Organizer

trunkcratepro collapsible portable trunk organizer

If you are ready to spend a little more money, but still not break the bank, this trunk organizer from Trunkcratepro is the best on the market. It’s built from very high-quality materials and the attention to detail is admirable. As a matter of fact, you can enjoy a lot of hassle-free years with this product thanks to the lifetime warranty.

The best thing about Trunkcatepro’s product is that it comes with dividers, subdividers and mesh pockets inside. In other words, this is a great organizer for big, medium and small items, probably the best out there. It also has eyeholes and non-skid hook and Velcro strips to keep it securely in place. The built-in handles are heavy-duty and very comfortable as well and the materials used are waterproof – great for keeping fluids out of your trunk. It is also very sturdy and it will not change its shape even with heavier items stored, yet it is easily foldable for keeping it aside when not needed.

There are also several side pockets, of which one is expandable and good for keeping bigger items. Sadly, the mesh side pockets are not as elastic and you can put only flat items there. These are only small caveats that really don’t take away from the overall high-quality item the Trunkcratepro organizer is. It’s also not very expensive for the quality it offers and that’s why it sits on top of our list.

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2. Highest-Quality Organizer: Picnic at Ascot Ultimate

picnic at ascot ultimate heavy duty trunk organizer

As the name suggests, the Picnic at Ascot Ultimate is a great organizer if you go camping or like to picnic. It’s the highest-quality item on this list. This organizer is made of high-quality materials and there is a lot of attention to detail. Thanks to that, the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty, which is no small feat for an item that will be used almost every day for heavy-duty applications.

The attention to detail goes way beyond the build quality. Apart from adjustable panels and the waterproof materials, the Picnic organizer has a built-in cooler. Yes, you can put your cold beer here and be sure that it will stay that way when you arrive at the picnic. Nobody wants a warm beer. And if you don’t want to use the cooler, you can simply remove it.

The Picnic at Ascot Ultimate organizer has Velcro straps underneath that will keep it securely in place while driving and heavy-duty handles that can take a lot of abuse. And even though it’s very sturdy and durable, this organizer has a smart design that allows it to be easily collapsible when you don’t want to use it.

The only real downside of this product is that it’s on the pricey side – for the price of a Picnic at Ascot Ultimate, you can buy two or three organizers from other manufacturers. Nevertheless, this is a very high-quality product and we think it’s worth it if you want the best experience.

3. Best Budget Pick: MaidMAX Trunk Organizer for Car and SUV

maidmax car trunk organizer

If you are on a very tight budget and still want a solution for organizing items in your trunk, try the MaidMAX Trunk Organizer. It may not be built like a tank and it may not be as sturdy as we would’ve liked, but you can’t complain too much because the price is low, and you get what you pay for.

On the positive side, the relatively big MaidMAX organizer comes with two compartments built-in and with mesh pockets outside that can keep your smaller items in check. It even has handles on the outside, but they are not the most comfortable to use. We also didn’t expect that the MaidMAX trunk organizer will be that small when collapsed, but we were pleasantly surprised. The softer side panels mean that this organizer will be not as sturdy as others and it can change its shape if you keep heavier items inside.

For some users, only two compartments inside may be limiting, but a bigger downside is that this organizer has no way of securing itself in place while driving. You must rely on heavier items if you don’t want this organizer to move around in your trunk.

In the end, all of these drawbacks were expected – the MaidMAX trunk organizer is several times cheaper than some items on our list.

4. FORTEM THE EXTRA MILE Car Trunk Organizer

fortem car trunk organizer

Ever wanted to hide the items in your trunk from the prying eyes of people? Then you need the organizer from FORTEM THE EXTRA MILE, that comes with a nylon cover. Sure, the cover may limit the space (items must not be very high), but it’s definitely good to have it around. And because it is made from nylon, it is easily foldable for storage.

We also really like the design of this organizer, as it can be easily adjusted to different lengths to better suit your needs and it has three compartments inside. It’s also built from high-quality materials and the build quality is good enough for heavy-duty applications. We also like that there are Velcro strips below that help to securely keep it in place while driving. Another plus is that it’s easily foldable into a very small size, which is great for storage.

That said, it’s not as sturdy as the organizers higher on this list, which means that it shouldn’t be used for heavier items as it can change shape while driving. The handles don’t inspire confidence either. Side pockets are also on the small side too – don’t expect to put big items here.

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5. Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer with Straps

drive auto products car trunk organizer

If you want a high-quality trunk organizer for a not a lot of money, look no further than the Drive Auto Products one. This organizer consistently wins the trust of customers and there are several reasons for that.

Number one is the sturdiness of the product. Even if you put heavier items in the Drive Auto Products organizer, they will stay in place. The reason for this are the strong inserts in the panels, which not only make the organizer stronger but help in waterproofing. Why is this important in a trunk? Well, let’s say a milk bottle breaks in the organizer in your trunk – this product will keep it from reaching your trunk and making a mess.

In addition to all of this, you can reorganize the panels themselves and there are even pockets on the outside for keeping smaller items in check. We also like that it can be latched in place with the tie-down straps or with the Velcro straps underneath it. This is an organizer that will definitely not move around in the trunk.

One small caveat is that some buttons and prongs are made of cheap plastic that is easily breakable – some users report broken prongs even when they received the product. Anyway, this shouldn’t happen a lot, especially if you don’t unlatch the organizer all of the time.

6. Higher Gear Products Car Trunk Organizer

higher gear car trunk organizer

This is another product that is built from high-quality materials and is very sturdy, which means that it will keep its shape even if you max it out with items. The Higher Gear Products trunk organizer is inexpensive as well, even though it doesn’t feel that way by build quality alone.

Despite being sturdy, it’s easily collapsible for storing it aside, which is another plus. On the bottom, it has rubber grips that help it to stay in place, but no Velcro here, which would’ve been better. On the bright side, the Higher Gear Products trunk organizer comes with built-in eyeholes and it even has a reflective safety strip – great for safety in case of emergency.

This product comes with two compartments, which may be limiting for some users or for storing smaller items. There are no pockets on the outside as well – this is a very simple product that is really meant to keep items from flying around your trunk and not for a tight organization of smaller items.

In the end, you really pay for the build quality here, and not for the convenience. If you want better-designed organizer that will keep smaller items inside securely, look elsewhere.

7. Car Trunk Organizer by Starling’s

starling's car trunk organizer

Starling’s trunk organizer is a very good item for everybody who wants a sturdy product that can take a lot of beating. It has three compartments inside, which is great for organizing items of different sizes and it even has pockets on the outside. However, these pockets are not as expandable as some others on this list.

The best thing about Starling’s product is that it offers a very high-quality 1680D Oxford Polyester material for the price, which is very durable and doesn’t bend even when used to the max. On the bottom, it has two rubberized Non-Skid grips, but no Velcro strips, which tend to be better at keeping it in place while driving.

On the other hand, the handles are very comfortable to use and thanks to the sturdy material used, you don’t need to worry that the organizer will be torn apart. You can really trust this one. It even comes with a sunshade in the package, which is an additional plus for this product. Add to that a reasonable price and you have one of the best organizers on the market today.

8. YoGi Prime Trunk and Backseat car Organizer

yogi prime trunk and backseat car organizer

This organizer is different from the box-like organizers higher up our list and is really meant for smaller items. That said, we think that it may find a lot of use for drivers who have kids or need help keeping their car organized.

The YoGi trunk and backseat car organizer can not only be used in the trunk, but it can also be used while attached on the front seats, for more storage compartments in the cabin. It is made of reasonably high-quality materials and it looks like it can take a lot of beating, even when used with heavier-than-usual items.

It has four pockets of a different size and three of them with covers on top. And while these covers help keep things in place, they limit you to storing only shorter thing inside of the pockets. We would’ve liked to see at least one mesh pocket that is more expandable than a textile one. Covers also limit usability for kids – their toys can’t be reached as easily as pockets without covers.

The price is also a little bit high for some people – there are cheaper alternatives on the market, albeit of a lower quality.

9. KangoKids Trunk Organizer

kangokids trunk organizer

This is another product that can only be used for smaller items, but for less money and lower quality. This one is also attached to the back-seat headrests and hangs onto them. It comes with four mesh pockets that are easily expandable and can contain a lot of small items, and even some taller ones, as there are no covers over the pockets. However, this organizer doesn’t come with compartments for bigger items, so please be sure that you won’t need them before buying.

What this trunk organizer is great for is keeping small items organized, so you can use the remaining trunk space for bigger items, like luggage, for example. This is something that happens a lot and most of the time, we simply need an organizer to keep smaller items from rolling around our trunk.

Obvious drawbacks aside, the KangoKids trunk organizer may be great at keeping your kids’ toys in one place. It is not only big enough for most of them, but it will always be at their hands reach as it can be used by attaching it to the front seats as well. In addition to that, you may never need to remove it, as it doesn’t take a lot of space in your trunk.

That said, it is not as sturdy as a real “boxy” organizer, so don’t expect it to contain very heavy items, as it may easily be damaged.

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10. Honey-Can-Do Folding Trunk Organizers

honey-can-do folding car trunk organizer

The Honey-Can-Do trunk organizer is a very inexpensive product that is good for bigger items because it comes with two big compartments inside. It’s very high and wide, so it’s best for SUVs and minivans, but it can be used on some sedans as well. It also easily folds down for storage and it can be collapsed into a half-size organizer. It also comes with expandable mesh pockets on the outside, which is great for a lot of small stuff.

We would’ve liked more storage compartments inside and higher quality materials. It’s good for general use, but heavier items may change its shape. The divider inside also doesn’t look very durable and a lot of users report that it’s easily ripped apart. It does have handles, but they are not very comfortable, especially if you carry heavier items in it. On the bright side, there are Velcro strips underneath, that help it stay in place while driving. This definitely something you wouldn’t expect from a product that is this cheap.

Some of these downsides may not be a big deal-breaker if you plan on putting only smaller and lighter items in it, as the price is really one of the lowest on the market.

11. Absolute Organizer Ultimate Car Trunk Organizer

untimate car trunk organizer

If you have a lot of small stuff lying around in your trunk, this organizer may be a very good option. It’s a little on the big side, which means that you can’t really use it in compact cars with smaller trunks, but for bigger cars like SUVs it can make a big difference.

What we really like about this product is that it has four dividers and a cooler compartment. Thanks to this, we would recommend the Absolute Organizer for using when shopping at the supermarket. It has a lot of pockets on the outside too, which are of the mesh type and very expandable.

The Absolute Organizer can be changed in size, which means that you can use it on the back seat too and it can also be easily folded. That said, this is not a very sturdy organizer and can change its shape while in use, and a lot of the parts are made of cheaper plastic. The cooler is not as good at keeping your beer cool as some other items on this list, but at least the price is not very high, especially for how big this organizer is.

12. MIU COLOR Car Trunk Storage Organizer Waterproof

miu color foldable car trunk organizer

The MIU COLOR organizer can be a really good option if you need a lot of mesh pockets on the outside. It has two compartments, which can be limiting for some users, but at least they are big enough for larger items. What it doesn’t have in compartments, the MIU COLOR has in outside pockets, which are easily expandable thanks to the mesh material.

This organizer comes with Velcro straps underneath, which help it stay in place while driving. It also has an emergency triangle for situations when your car is stationary, which is great for safety. The MIU COLOR is easily foldable and you can change its size if you want to use it in tighter places, while the comfortable handles help if you want to move it around.

However, this organizer is not perfect. It’s not as sturdy as other items on this list and can change its shape if you put larger and heavier items in it. The materials also seem lower quality and even though the manufacturer says it’s waterproof, it can still leak if there are a lot of liquid inside the compartments.

13. JACO CargoPro Trunk Organizer

jaco cargopro trunk organizer

Another organizer that can be purchased for a relatively low price. It’s very easy to use and can be easily folded. It comes with two compartments in it, which is less than other manufacturers offer, but this one has additional mesh pockets on the inside. This makes it great for organizing very small items and keep them in place.

The JACO CargoPro trunk organizer is not as big as you would think, that makes it great for use in cars with smaller trunks. On the other hand, this means that you will have to purchase an additional organizer for your sedan or SUV. We certainly recommend buying a bigger organizer if you have a larger vehicle.

The build quality is good enough for the price, but don’t expect it to be very sturdy – large and heavy items will change its shape. The handles are very comfortable, but you wouldn’t want to move it around with very heavy items in it, as it can be torn apart. On the bright side, it has Velcro strips underneath that help it not to slide around in the trunk.

14. Cozyswan Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer

calunce foldable trunk organizer

If you want an organizer with two cooler compartments, you can choose the Calunce one. Don’t expect the best coolers in the world, but they should be good enough for short trips.

The Cozyswan trunk organizer has four compartments, but they are of the same size, which makes this organizer unusable for very small items. There are also no mesh pockets on the outside as in other products here. If you want a real organizer, you may want other items on this list.

The Cozyswan organizer is also not as sturdy as other products – not even close. And even though it’s easily collapsible into smaller sizes, there are no comfortable handles to move it around when full, which is a big downside. It also doesn’t even have a way to stay in place while driving, which is another downside.

All of this means that you should choose this product only if you need two cooled compartments, as for organizing other stuff, there are a lot of better products out there.

15. Rola 59001 M.O.V.E. Rigid-Base Trunk Organizer

rola move rigid base trunk organizer

This trunk organizer is definitely high quality. It is sturdy and keeps its shape even when used with very heavy items. It has four compartments, which is a great thing, but they are very shallow. As a matter of fact, that is the biggest problem with the Rola M.O.V.E in our opinion – it’s too small for general use. Yes, it’s great for smaller trunks, but it’s so shallow that items can fall out of it.

Other things about this organizer are great, however. The materials are high quality and the attention to detail is top notch. The dividers inside are easily movable and stay in place even with heavier items, while the mesh pockets on the outside help in storing smaller items. It’s also easily folded for storage in the trunk. Thanks to the non-slip material, it will stay in place when cornering hard with your vehicle, which is another plus in the list of qualities of this trunk organizer.

We must add that the price is quite high for what this organizer offers. For the same money, you can have a much bigger trunk organizer of the same quality.

What is a Trunk Organizer?

Trunk organizers are an affordable and easy way to keep your truck uncluttered, whether you’re storing groceries or jumper cables. Along with keeping your trunk mess free, these organizers help prevent items from getting damaged since they won’t be rolling around your trunk while driving. That means you don’t have to stress over potential spills or things getting broken. Most importantly, it makes it easy for you to find things, so long as you’re using the organize part of an organizer.

The Different Types of Trunk Organizers

If you’ve browsed through all our recommended products, you’ll notice that there are a few types of trunk organizers available on the market. Foldable organizers are one of the most common, since they can be folded away for easy storage when they’re not in use. But since they’re foldable, you’ll have to sacrifice a bit of quality and even storage space. Nonetheless, they’re versatile and if you need to free up trunk space from time to time, foldable trunk organizers are the way to go.

Some trunk organizers feature multiple compartments that can be customized so you can adjust their size. Other organizers will have fixed compartments in various sizes, but they aren’t adjustable. As you can also probably tell, trunk organizers come in all sorts of sizes, allowing you to choose exactly what you need.

How to Choose the Right Trunk Organizer

The most obvious deciding factor when choosing the right trunk organizer is what you’re planning to store in it. If you mainly need a trunk organizer for transporting groceries, you don’t necessarily need one with multiple compartments. If you often travel with kids, you’ll probably want a trunk organizer with multiple compartments that you can customize for small and larger objects. Lastly, if you want to organize large items such as tools, you’ll want to get a heavy duty trunk organizer with large compartments.

Always pay attention to the type of material and construction of the trunk organizer, especially if you’re stowing large objects. You’ll want a durable trunk organizer if you plan on using it often, and you’ll want to especially avoid cheap fabrics if you’re carrying tools.

Another factor to consider is whether you need a waterproof trunk organizer, which is important if you’re using it in the bed of a truck. Handles can also come in handy if you want to take the entire organizer out of your car at once. And like we mentioned before, you may want a trunk organizer that folds if you need to store it away from time to time.

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