Car manufacturers are definitely trying to make interiors more practical for passengers – besides numerous cupholders, cars today also have a big glovebox, centrally mounted and side storage areas built into the doors, and some SUVs and vans even have underfloor storage areas. But for all the ingenious solutions car designers come up with, we can always come up with even more things to carry in our cars. Especially if you have kids. And we all know that a messy and unorganized car is a huge cause of stress for a lot of people and having stuff flying around because they’re unsecured can also be a safety hazard.

Thankfully, there is an easy and cheap solution to this – a car seat organizer. With this product, the cabin of your car will be refreshed with new storage areas and pockets where you can put your drinks, food, napkins, toys, laptops, tablets, etc.

Car seat organizers are generally easy to use and pretty affordable, but not all of them are of the same quality or are as useful. A good car seat organizer will be very easy to attach to the front seat (or secured in the middle seat, in some cases), have a lot of useful pockets in different sizes, and materials and build quality that can withstand heavier items for longer periods of time.

To help you with choosing the best back seat organizer for your car and your needs, we’ve created a Top 10 list that includes bestsellers and items with great user reviews. Be sure to check the pros and cons of each organizer and read the detailed reviews before buying so you can be sure that it suits your particular needs.

1. Editor’s Pick: Lusso Gear 12

lusso gear heavy duty back seat car organizer

The reason we’ve picked this item as our Editor’s Pick is its no-nonsense approach. It’s a straightforward backseat organizer with 12 pockets of different sizes that can accommodate larger baby bottles, toys, napkins and even your electronics. It also has a trick up its sleeve – the upper pocket is removable and under it, there’s another transparent pocket where you can put a tablet (even the largest 12.9-inch iPad Pro) and voilà, your kids can enjoy their favorite cartoons, or your friends can watch some movies.

Other than being great for organizing stuff and providing multimedia content, the Lusso Gear 12 is made from a high-quality 600D fabric that keeps the unit stable even with a lot of stuff crammed in it. It’s also very well made, with a reinforcement in the upper part where it attaches to the front seat, so it will not fold when you overload it.

There are some minor annoyances, however. The strap across the bottom will be visible on the front seats all of the time and the driver (or the co-driver) will sit on it, while the side mesh pockets are only good for baby bottles, as they don’t stretch very much. Forget a big water bottle here. All of that can be forgiven when you see the price – this is one of the cheapest, yet high-quality car seat organizers out there.

2. Budget Buy: Hiberno Portable and Waterproof Car Seat Organizer

hiberno premium portable waterproof car back seat organizer

Though not quite as sleek as some of our more premium offerings, this car seat organizer from Hiberno is a prime value pick for its sturdy waterproof construction. A simple pocket layout for beverages, books, tablets, snacks, and other on-road essentials covers all of the essential bases for your next road trip, while a firm upper back portion and heavy-duty stitching ensure that though this is a budget buy it won’t come apart at the seams after light use.

Its large center pocket provides enough room for just about any size of tablet, however this is set up for storage and does not have a mount-style pocket for hands-free viewing. That said, with the money you save with this option, you can easily pick up a tablet headrest mount to pick up the slack.

3. Cartik Backseat Car Organizer

cartik back seat car organizer

If you still want a car seat organizer that has a see-through pocket for a tablet but don’t want to break the bank, the Cartik one may be a good option. This organizer has 8 pockets in total. It also has small straps for a baby pacifier or small earphones, which is something we really like, because those particular things tend to get lost a lot, and in addition to all of this, there is an insulated wet wipe holder. The transparent tablet pocket is also pretty big and can accommodate tablets in landscape up to 12 inches in size another great point for the Cartik.

The Cartik seat organizer is made of pretty durable materials and can withstand a lot of abuse, but probably not on the level of the Lusso organizer, which is our first pick. And while the mesh pockets are stretchy, they can’t stretch enough to accommodate big water bottles. The transparent pocket can only be used for tablet, unlike the Lusso, which has an additional removable pocket over it. The straps will also be visible on the front seats and they may be small for some vehicles. Still, these drawbacks may not be a deal breaker for a lot of people, especially those on a budget.

4. Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer

lusso gear premium front and backseat car organizer

Most of the car seat organizers are attached to the front seats, but what if your car doesn’t have a lot of legroom? An organizer for the middle seat might be the right option. And with the Lusso Gear mid seat organizer, you don’t just get a product that doesn’t cut into the rear legroom, but one that also has more storage capacity. In this organizer, you can put bigger toys, a lot of coloring books, water bottles, a lot of crayons etc. The capacity is probably two times bigger than what you get in an organizer that is attached on the front seat. Being Lusso Gear, this organizer is of a very high quality as well, keeping its shape even with heavier items. It can also be folded when not in use.

All of this is great, but a middle seat organizer can be very limiting as well. With this one, rear passengers can’t use the central armrest. On top of that, even though it’s secured by sturdy loops, it has only one securing point in the back. This means that it may slide from side to side, especially in cars with leather seats.

5. AMEIQ Deluxe Seat Back Organizer for Car

ameiq seat back organizer

All of the car seat organizers up on the list are really meant for people with kids. But, what if you want an “adult proof” organizer? The AMEIQ is the first one that comes to mind, thanks to a built-in cooler that can accommodate smaller water, soda or beer bottles. Don’t expect miracles from this cooler though – it’s only going to keep your drinks cold for about 2 hours or so. 

Other than that, this organizer has an additional tissue pocket, three mesh pockets, an additional pocket for small stuff and even a tablet holder for the entertainment of the rear seat passengers. The AMEIQ seat organizer can also be used as a backpack, another strong point.

However, this organizer attaches to the front seat only via one anchor point on the headrest, which means it’s less stable than other solutions and less durable as well. This is especially true when you consider the heavy stuff you will put in it. It will also eat a lot of legroom space, so it’s not very good for smaller vehicles. That said, the price is not very high for the convenience of keeping drinks cold, as most competitors don’t even offer cooled compartments.

6. My Specialty Kids Backseat Organizer

my specialty kids shop back seat organizer

A specialty car organizer that will work only for smaller kids, the My Specialty Kids Backseat Organizer is a great way to keep your loved ones entertained during a trip. Thanks to the foldable table, your kids can do their homework on the go, they can draw, play with Lego and everything in between. Don’t worry – when you close the table, a tablet can still be installed into the transparent pocket.

The My Specialty organizer can be used as a backpack as well, even for school purposes. We are sure that your kids will love it, thanks to the choice of colors the manufacturer makes. More important than that, this organizer is made of non-toxic materials and is lead-free, which means that it is entirely safe for your kids to use and even eat their food on. It also feels very durable.

What this organizer is not very good at is pure organizing, funny enough. Sure, it has some mesh pockets that can be used for smaller items (like pencils and crayons), but it can’t be used for baby bottles, water bottles, napkins etc.

7. High Road StashAway Leakproof Seatback Trash Station

high road stashaway leakproof seatback trash station

If we are being perfectly honest, most of the stuff around my cabin is trash, especially after longer trips. If that’s the case with you as well, then the High Road StashAway Trash Station is a great solution, as it has a trash bag built in. The trash compartment does take most of the capacity of this organizer, but it’s a very neat way of getting rid of the water bottles and baby food containers that are everywhere in your cabin. Best of all, the StuffTop lid closes by itself, keeping odors out of the cabin.

Other than the trash bag, the High Road organizer has mesh side pockets that are very stretchable and that can accommodate even bigger water bottles, as well as a front mesh pocket for smaller things. On the bottom, there is a tissue dispenser that can fit standard and family sized tissue boxes. Still, you’ll find more storage places in the competition that doesn’t have a trash bag built in.

The High Road organizer is of a very high quality – it feels strong and durable. It’s also very stable, even on bumpy roads, thanks to a bottom cord, side braces and strong strap that attaches around the headrest post. For the quality you get, the price is also not very high.

8. Mom’s Besty Car Back Seat Organizer

mom's besty car back seat organizer

Mom’s Besty is another car seat organizer that is good for parents, available for a very low price. It’s made of high-quality materials and feels sturdy and durable. It’s easily attached to the front seats with straps, but as with almost all organizers of this type, the straps will be visible on the front seat.

The reason the Mom’s Besty is lower on our list is that it doesn’t have that many pockets. A lot of parents may find it usable, thanks to the stretchy mesh pockets that can accommodate bigger baby bottles and a transparent pocket for tablets. In reality, though, the transparent pocket is only big enough for 10-inch tablets and even those will be a tight fit, and there is only one additional sturdy pocket. We would’ve certainly liked more pockets. The main pocket is also not big enough for coloring books, for example.

9. KMMOTORS Coin Side Pocket

kmmotors coin side pocket side organizer

This is a little bit different from the other seat organizers on this list because it wedges in between the center tunnel and the front passenger seat. The KMMOTORS side pocket is a great pick for people who need quick access to their things from the driver’s seat.

The most important thing it does is taking care of coins – it functions like a piggy bank with a slot and covered compartment. This can make looking for change to pay a toll or the bill at the drive through much more convenient.

There is also space in this compartment where you can put your wallet or your smartphone. This particular model also has a cupholder. 

The construction of KMMMOTORS side pocket is strong and the whole unit feels durable – even the front cupholder is sturdily attached. However, the price is a little bit high for a product that only takes care only of small items, no matter how good it is.

10. Pushingbest Car Seat Back Organizer

pushingbest car seat back organizer

This seat organizer has a small foldable tray that kids can use to hold their things. It’s a neat idea that is nicely implemented in the whole product and feels very sturdy. However, the table is attached via Velcro straps when not in use, which are not strong enough to hold it on a bumpy road. Prepare to use this organizer with the tray always opened, especially after spending several months with it, when the Velcro loses its strength. On top of that, the foldable tray is not very easy to attach – certainly not for small children.

On the plus side, the Pushingbest seat organizer has stretchy mesh pockets in the lower part and also a pocket for a water bottle. There is a tissue pocket as well and a transparent pocket for a tablet. Just don’t expect to put very big tablets in it – it’s designed for tablets ranging from 7-8 inches.

The whole organizer feels sturdy and like it can take a lot of beating, which is expected considering the high price. It’s also attached in three points, something that makes it very stable when driving. The adjustable straps will still be visible on the front seats though.

What is a Car Seat Organizer?

A car’s main purpose is to transport you from point A to point B, but these days, you may be commuting with kids and spending upwards of hours inside your car. This is where car seat organizers come in handy, serving as an efficient way to organize all the items you need to keep your kids entertained. We’ve all dealt with searching the narrow gaps of your car for a dropped toy, and now you can avoid the hassle by installing a car seat organizer.

Car seat organizers are simple products that hang from the back of your front seats. These organizers feature several pockets to store items of different sizes, easily accessible to your passengers. That means toys, water bottles, tissue paper, and more can all be an arm’s reach away.

How to Choose the Right Car Seat Organizer

It may feel like you can shop for the right car seat organizer simply by looking at them. That’s not entirely wrong, especially if you know what you’ll need to keep organized inside your car. But there are a few things to consider to make sure you’re not wasting money.

For starters, do you need an organizer to hold items for kids or young adults? If you’re often traveling with younger kids, you may want an organizer with a kick mat and smaller pockets to store toys and snacks. Younger adults may need larger pockets to store objects such as books or even tablets. Speaking of tablets, some car seat organizers have a specific storage pocket for those devices.

Although almost all car seat organizers are designed to be universal, but you’ll still want to make sure it will fit your car. Obviously not all car seats are the same size, so verify the dimensions of an organizer to make sure your seat can accommodate it.

Lastly, an ideal car seat organizer is washable with stain-resistant material. With those organizers, you can quickly wipe them down with antibacterial wipes or even a damp microfiber towel.


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