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We pick the best racing simulator cockpits for different budgets and needs.

Once you’ve decided what kind of racing simulator wheel you want to buy, you can begin to look at racing simulator cockpits to mount your wheel and pedals to. Some racers just mount their wheel to a desk or table and use a separate existing chair, but racing simulator cockpits provide an ideal seating position, ensure your wheel and pedals don’t move when you’re racing, and help make the sim experience even more immersive.

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We have picked out the top five best entry- to mid-level racing simulator cockpits, giving you a pool of options when deciding which of these is best for you.

1. Editor's Pick: Playseat Revolution

The Playseat Revolution is a solid choice for both entry-level sim racers and experienced racers alike.

A more permanent and larger racing simulator cockpit than the Playseat Challenge, the Playseat Revolution boasts a sturdy-well built metal construction with adjustable seating and steering wheel position. Coming in at just over $300, it's pricier than the Playseat Challenge, but makes up for this through build quality and adjustability.

This is probably the best mid-level cockpit available on the market today. One of the only downsides is that the seat does not recline, which may be inconvenient for users who are larger in stature. A shifter mount is also available for the cockpit but is unfortunately sold separately. This is the one I would purchase.


Good price for the production, sturdy, high-quality construction, detailed assembly instructions, adjustable seating and wheel position


No reclining seat, manual shifter mount sold separate

2. Best on a Budget / Great Gift Idea: Playseat Challenge

This inexpensive racing simulator cockpit is the best inexpensive option for budding sim racers.

Built by Playseat, a reputable manufacturer of simulator racing cockpits, the Playseat Challenge is a compact rig that can fold up when you're not using it. This makes it perfect for those who don't have much room for their simulator or those who live in a smaller home or apartment.

Another plus to this rig are Playseat's detailed instructions, quality packaging, and straightforward assembly process. It's also compatible with all wheel and pedals sets available on the market today. After assembly, just attach your wheel and pedals, plop it in front of your TV or monitor and get racing.

One downside is that it required the wheel mounting area to be lifted up in order for the user to get in and out of it. Some buyers may also find it difficult to get in and out of due to the reclined seating position.


Foldable with compact design, inexpensive, compatible with all wheels and pedals


Not as sturdy as a permanent cockpit, might be hard to get in and out of for some users

3. GTR Simulator GTA

A good alternative to the Playseat Revolution is the GTR Simulator GTA.

This solid racing simulator cockpit features a quality, metal construction and offers plenty of room for your feet to move around when using the pedals.

There's also an adjustable reclining seat and the cockpit is compatible with any and all wheel and pedal sets available on the market today.

Some buyers report that the assembly instructions are not detailed enough, although with minimal parts to put together, most should be able to put the cockpit together with ease. It does take up a bit more room than other simulator cockpits, however, so it may not be ideal for those with not much space to work with. At around $400, it's not a cheap proposition, but is less than similar offerings from other manufacturers.


Sturdy design, lots of space for feet/legs, inexpensive compared to similar options from other manufacturers


Assembly instructions aren't very detailed, still a bit pricey

4. GTR Simulator GTA-F

The GTR Simulator GTA-F is built by the same company as the GTA, but comes with mounting points for 1 to 3 screens. This provides an accurate field of vision that mimics what you might get in a real racecar and is a true, dedicated rig that will stay in one place in your home.

With a similar build quality to the GTA, this rig is sturdy and stable and won't move around as you make steering inputs - no matter how strong your wheel's force feedback is. It also features an adjustable reclining seat.

It's on the pricier side, but it remains a very good deal compared to other rigs with mounting points for monitors. If you're using just a single screen, a large television of up to 50-inches can be affixed to the center mounting point.

If you're looking to take sim racing seriously, this is an affordable and well-built rig that would be perfect for you.


Mounting points for up to three monitors, sturdy, well-built design, relatively inexpensive


Very large and heavy, complicated assembly

5. Playseat F1

If you're a Formula 1 fan, the Playseat F1 is the simulator racing cockpit for you.

Designed to mimic the seating position of a Formula 1 car or another open wheel car, this racing cockpit is the preferred option of the F1 Esports series and perfect for those looking to race open wheel cars or play the officially licensed F1 games, like F1 2019.

It's very expensive, coming in at over $1,100, but justifies its price tag with excellent build quality, attractive design and a realistic seating position. It's one of the few cockpits on the market offering a true F1-style seating position and is best paired with an F1-style steering wheel and pedal set for the utmost in immersion.

Downside to this rig include its size, limited adjustability and price. It's also best suited for open-wheel driving, so it may be a bit awkward to use if you are racing road cars or NASCAR in-game, for example.


Great design with accurate F1 seating position, very sturdy, extremely high quality, available in different colors


Expensive, very large, limited appeal due to open-wheel driving position

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