So you want to get into sim racing.

Well, you’ll have to start with a wheel. There are a TON of racing simulator wheels on the market today, each of them seemingly similar in design, so it’s easy to get confused. Don’t worry – we’re here to help! We’re going to count down the top 5 entry- to -mid-level racing simulator wheels on sale today, which will hopefully help you narrow your choice down to a few different options.

1. Editor's Pick: Logitech G920 Driving Force Race Wheel

logitech g920 dual motor feedback driving force racing wheel

The Logitech G920 is one of the most popular racing simulator wheels on sale today. Good build quality, strong force feedback, an affordable price and attractive design make this the go-to option for many sim racers. It’s also compatible with PS4, Xbox and PC, making it a viable option no matter what system you are playing on.

With a thick leather-wrapped wheel rim, the chunky Logitech G920 falls nicely into your hands. There are also quality metal paddle shifters and nice on-wheel game controls including a D-Pad and a toggle wheel that can be tuned to adjust traction control or other settings while on track. A 12 o’clock marking also mimics real-world racing wheels and helps you keep track of the wheel’s position.

The G920 also comes with high-quality metal pedals – a huge plus at a price point where some other manufacturers still offer a plastic pedal set. The only downside of this wheel and pedal combo is that you must purchase Logitech’s G Driving Force Shifter separately if you’d rather use a stick shift than the built-in paddle shifters.

This wheel is extremely durable and should last most users quite a while. Even still, Logitech offers a 2-year limited hardware warranty on it. This is personally the wheel I purchased and I’ve been very happy with it.

2. HORI Racing Wheel APEX

hori racing wheel apex for ps3 ps4 pc

The HORI Racing Wheel APEX is an inexpensive, entry-level racing simulator wheel that is perfect for the budding enthusiast.

While the build quality and look of this HORI wheel isn’t bad, it does leave something to be desired. What it lacks in quality and style it makes up for in price, though. At roughly half the price of other comparable wheels, this racing simulator wheel is a bargain. It’s also officially endorsed by Playstation and Sony, so if you’re playing on PS3 or PS4, this wheel will work perfectly.  It also works on PC.

3. Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel

thrustmaster t150 racing wheel

A viable alternative to the Logitech G920 is the Thrustmaster T150.

This simulator racing wheel doesn’t have the build quality of the G920, but boasts a large 1080-degree rotation and strong force feedback with realistic driving feel. It also comes with Thrustmaster’s T3PA-3 pedal set, which feature nice metal pedal covers with a grippy base for your heels. It’s also well priced compared with other similar wheels.

The Thrustmaster T150 is compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC and is also officially licensed by Playstation.

4. Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel

thrustmaster t300rs racing wheel

Essentially an upgraded version of the T150, the Thrustmaster T300RS offers enhanced build quality and stronger force feedback than the lesser Thrustmaster product.

With a smooth and seamless industrial strength motor providing force feedback, the T300RS provides a realistic driving experience that will have you deeply immersed in any racing game. Like a real racing wheel, the T300RS also has a detatchable wheel that can replaced with upgradable wheels from Thrustmaster, including an Alcantara Ferrari wheel, a Ferrari F1 wheel and a rally wheel.

Apart from the high build quality, removable wheel and strong forced feedback motor, the T300RS also comes with the nice Thrustmaster GT Edition Pedal Set, which fully made of metal and even comes with adjustable pedals.

Like the T150, the T300 RS also has 1080-degree rotation and is compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC.

5. Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer

thrustmaster ts-pc racer wheel

While the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer is for PC only, it has several strengths that make it worthy of our list.

Not only does this wheel feature a solid, heavy feeling base with a removable wheel rim, the wheel rim it comes with has a very cool F1-style look with Alcantara trimmed hand grips. It also comes with an external power supply that provides very strong force feedback and contributes to the realistic steering feel. A rotary selector knob and other on-wheel buttons are also programmable and can be mapped with various settings.

Another plus of the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer is that it’s part of what Thrustmaster calls its ‘ecosystem’. That means its compatible with any of the company’s pedal sets, including the very high-quality T3PA-Pro pedal set and the Ferrari F1 replica steering wheel. If you’re looking to take sim racing seriously, the TS-PC Racer is a great place to start.

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