Ford to Bring Electric and Plug-In Hybrids to Market in 2011

While General Motors has been stealing all the publicity in the plug-in hybrid segment and Chrysler keeps rolling out an endless lineup of electric concept cars, Ford has been quietly working behind the scenes to develop both technologies. And according to a report in the Detroit News, Ford will bring both of these new technologies to market in 2011.

There aren’t a lot of specifics on what model the plug-in hybrid will be, but Ford is currently testing a fleet of Escape Plug-in Hybrids that get 120 mpg in the city and 70 mpg on the highway.

As for the zero-emissions electric vehicle, it will be a Ford Focus and will be based on the all-new vehicle due out in 2010. Ford had been concentrating mostly on the plug-in concept until one of its parts suppliers, Canadian company Magna International, developed a fully-electric version of the Focus. Apparently Magna representatives arrived at Ford HQ back in September for a meeting, driving an electric Focus that Magna had developed on its own.

Ford execs were so impressed that they took a serious look and now they have announced that a pure electric model will also join the fleet.

The electric Focus will have no gasoline motor at all and will operate up to 100 miles on a single charge.

[Source: Detroit News]

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