Report: Broward Country Sheriff's Office Unveils Dodge Challenger R/T Cruiser

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

What’s the best way to make a car (any car) cool, to give it immediate interweb fame and ensure it becomes a highly searched item in Google Images? Why, turn it into a police cruiser of course!

Such a thing has just been done by the blue and white (er… green and white?) at the Broward County Sheriff’s office in Southern Florida. The car is a shiny new Dodge Challenger R/T and it looks even more intimidating with that big light-bar up top and the county sheriff’s white and green paint scheme.

Check out the gallery of photos below and try and remember (as hard as it might be) to keep your speed down while traveling along southern Florida’s flat and straight highways. Otherwise, you might get to see this R/T up close.

GALLERY: Broward County Sheriff’s Office Dodge Challenger R/T

[Source: LawOfficerConnect]

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  • Darren Robitaille Darren Robitaille on Nov 30, 2009

    That is one badass police cruiser. You will have a great time pulling people over in that. Hats off to the best looking cop car in the states.