Citroen Lacoste: Fashion Faux-Pas or A Fun Day At The Beach?

Citroen Lacoste: Fashion Faux-Pas or A Fun Day At The Beach?

Of all the eye-candy at this year’s Paris Motor Show, the newly unveiled Citroen Lacoste might be considered the nutritional equivalent of a jelly bean, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to indulge in the empty calories on display here.

The more fashion savvy readers out there will recognize the Lacoste brand as the famed sportswear and leisure fashion clothier (you know, the fuzzy little alligator guys), who have teamed up with Citroean to design and develop a concept car that can be best described with half made-up buzzwords like “wacky”, “beachy”, “Frenchy”, “sporty”, “ballooner” and so on.

Outside it looks like a combination moon rover, airport caddy, and antenna car. Doors? Don’t got ’em, so ya gotta jump in through the side or go through the roof as long as it’s deflated, of course, because the inflatable roof is meant to puff up if you blow hard enough. Water wings on a car make sense if you try not to think about it. We told you it was “Frenchy”.

Inside, the fashion connection is readily apparent, as the Citroen Lacoste features plenty of tucked away storage spaces, including the retractable rear bench which easily slides into the trunk, tailor-made to hide your clubs, surfboard, croquet set, charcoal grill, pack tent and a trash bag or two of golf shirts and Bermuda shorts.

Under the hood, lies a simple 3-cylinder gas engine, so you can, with a little effort, zip around from beach to parking lot and back again without too much of a huff. Good times, yes? Sadly, there is no plans for this set of hot wheels to go into production, so all you can do is stare at the lil’ guy and wonder what role the Citroen Lacoste would have played in the best summer you never had.

[Source: Zercustoms]