Onyx Concept Now Offering BMW M3 Tuning Package

Onyx Concept Now Offering BMW M3 Tuning Package

Back in May, we discovered Onyx Concept based out of Dublin, Ireland. They had done an interesting package for the Land Rover that we had mixed opinions about. But we noticed on their website that they also tinker with a plethora of other makes and manufacturers, but for the most part preferred to stick with SUVs. Whether SUVs are just too boring, or Onyx Concept realized there’s some money to be had with sporty coupes, the tuning house has decided to release a package for BMW‘s ever-popular E92 M3.

And much like the kit that they produced for the Land Rover, we’re a little unsure about the total package. We’re digging the modified front bumper with carbon fiber front lip that makes the M3 extra aggressive, but the rear of the car just looks way too bulky and busy, especially with the funky trunk lid going on. We have to credit them for using high quality carbon fiber and somewhat stepping outside the box in terms of design, but yet again we have a love/hate relationship with Onyx.

We don’t see any photos of the interior or engine bay, but Onyx has reupholstered the interior with buffalo hide and carbon fiber trim. The 4.0L V8 gets a big boost to 621-hp from the factory 414-hp, so we’re guessing that it’s a complete blast to drive. They didn’t specify how they got to that point, but we’re going to safely assume it involves forced induction (probably a supercharger) with your typical ECU reflash, intake and exhaust. The package will be available on October 31st, so we’ll keep our eyes out for pricing and performance specs.

Official press release available after the break.


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Onyx have turned there attention away from the SUV market to concentrate on the BMW E92/93 M3. The Onyx exterior consists of the following front and rear bumper, sideskirts, front carbon fibre lip, rear carbon fibre difusser, carbon fibre bonnet, carbon fibre boot lid and carbon fibre roof tip spoiler. The interior has an onyx designed bufallo hide leather package which can be choosen in numerous different colour combinations and to compliment this has a 12pc carbon fibre panelling kit which has a range of coloured carbon weaves from black to orange to blue. The power has also be increased to a breathtaking 630HP from the standard 420HP.