America, The Ford Minivan Has Returned: Grand C-Max Debut [Paris 2010]


Ford has just unveiled its new Grand C-Max minivan at the Paris Auto Show, which is set to go on sale in North America in the near future. We’d like to say that when compared to the Windstar the Grand C-Max looks and feels far superior, but that wouldn’t be giving the new van much credit.

The three-row van isn’t actually a replacement for the old exploding transmission/faulty headgasket minivan, as vehicles in the segment have grown to tremendous proportions over the last decade and a half. Based on the new ford Focus architecture, the Grand C-Max will compete with models like the Mazda5.

As a result of the smaller compact car platform, the Grand C-Max will offer excellent fuel economy. It’s not year clear what engines will be offered in the U.S., with a possibility that Ford could offer the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder direct-injection motor from the Focus, while an EcoBoost 1.6-liter 4-cylinder is also a strong possibility.

Normally we’d be apprehensive that the U.S.-spec model would be nothing like the Euro-spec trim, but considering what Ford has done with the Fiesta, we’ll hold out hope.

GALLERY: Ford Grand C-Max



Chad says:

Wow! This awesome! Wait…who cares? It is a wagon. Doesn’t Ford already sell one of these? Why, yes, it does. They call it the Explorer.

rob says:

Let’s hope the US-Spec gets a better name than C-Max…. what does that mean anyways???
Cargo Max?

Colum Wood says:

Technically it’s just used because the car was originally based on the Ford C1 platform. And it continues to be based on the modern Focus platform. Ford can now use it for “Compact” or “Cargo” or any other clever marketing.
It is a lame name… but still not as bad as Fiesta.

Ray T says:

Wow! The Grand C-Max “isn’t actually a replacement for the old exploding transmission/faulty headgasket minivan”. Who should I call first, the nearest dealer or my lawyer. Seems that admission of poor manufacture of a previous model is not necessarily a good reason to go out and buy the new product. Can’t wait to get one of these, but I wonder what will happen at 65 mph – perhaps the whole body exterior peels off for the convertible effect.