Invader L60 Debuts in Qatar as a Menacing 600-hp Lexus LX570

You know the saying, “as American as apple pie”? Well, in Qatar they say, “as Qatar-ian(?) as a modified SUV.” OK, maybe not, but wealthy Middle-Easterners really know how to blow their oil-soaked money: like on the Invader L60.

Japanese tuning house Invader recently unveiled its new L60 truck at the Qatar Motor Show, based on the massive Lexus LX570. Along with an excessive widebody kit and some massive front-end opening, the truck also gets some obligatory gold wheels (optional) and an aggressive rear diffuser with four exhaust pipes.

A completely custom interior is also a part of the package, and who can forget the supercharged mated to the big V8 engine to help pump out 600-hp.

Invader is planning to bring the L60 to the Geneva Auto Show in March, so we’ll be sure to snap plenty of live pics then.

GALLERY: Lexus LX-based Invader L60

Invader L60 01.jpgInvader L60 02.jpgInvader L60 03.jpgInvader L60 04.jpgInvader L60 06.jpgInvader L60 07.jpg

[Source: Automobile]