Mazda 323 Lives On In China

Danny Choy
by Danny Choy

For the past decade, China’s economy has continued to expand with little sign of slowing down. Volkswagen took advantage of an opportunity to continue offering its past models such as the Volkswagen “Jetta King” (Mk2 Jetta), the Volkswagen Bora Classic (Mk4 Jetta), as well as various Audi vehicles in the Chinese market in order to optimize its foothold.

But Volkswagen is not the only automaker in on the clever, cost-cutting idea. Haima, a Hainan island car company that once had a joint-venture agreement with Mazda, continues to produce the Haima3 (pictured above), simply a rebadged and face-lifted Mazda 323, along with many other past Mazda products under its new management, First Automobile Works.

Those that are familiar with Mazda products can readily identify the Haima Family as a rebadged Mazda Protege and the Haima7 is a tastefully updated Mazda Tribute, itself a rebadged Ford Escape. Even the diagonal “i” in Haima and its emblem boldly draws its design influence from the current Mazda logo.

GALLERY: Haima Family

[Souce: China Car Times]

Danny Choy
Danny Choy

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