Subaru BRZ STI Concept is Tuned-up Without the Turbo (or AWD): 2011 LA Auto Show

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

A characteristically un- Subaru Subaru, the BRZ STI concept is our first look at the upcoming production sports car, which was co-developed with Toyota.

Painted in typical WR Blue Pearl (the Subie fanboys wouldn’t have it any other way), as a concept, and an STI concept, it’s a wilder looking version of what we’ll expect from the street car that will bow at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

With a boxer engine that’s low down and front-mid-mounted, the car’s center of gravity is already excellent. This concept improves on that, however, with a carbon fiber roof. Until now all the Toyota FT-86 concepts have sported 17-inch wheels, although this car gets 18s, plus a massive rear spoiler and aggressive front splitter.

Subaru will hold a press conference later today to “officially” announce the car. Stay tuned to see if they release any new details then.

GALLERY: Subaru BRZ STI Concept

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  • Subifanatic Subifanatic on Jan 20, 2012

    AWD + Turbo Charged Boxer = STI. they cannot make a RWD STI it is against the subaru way

  • Jamie Graham Jamie Graham on Mar 03, 2012

    So I gotta say Super excited! It reminds me a little of the Honda s-2000 which was so much fun to drive! The only issue I have is ALL SUBARU's ARE AWD!!!!!!! SO what happened here?!?!?!? I have to agree with what the majority of these comments are saying... They MUST MAKE AWD AVAILABLE!!!! otherwise it's not a true subaru!! I own a 2011 impreza sport and one thing subaru really does right is makes a really frickin fun AWD car! I mean this impreza only has 170hp I up'd it a bit with some K&N intake components but it's still under 200hp and still fun as heck! So please please please bring out the BRZ in AWD!!! Subaru's need to continue to conquer snow!

    • Mircea Mircea on Aug 12, 2012

      I will buy the car tomorrow if It had AWD, with all the deepsnow and -20's Celsius daysthat lasts for weeks at a time durring the winter months in Edmontin, AB