Android Integrated To Vehicle Stereos And Rear-View Mirrors [Video]

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
android integrated to vehicle stereos and rear view mirrors video

The Android mobile operating system from Google has become Apple’s number one competitor in the mobile smartphone market, but now Android’s open-source philosophy is really flexing its muscles.

Integrating Android into vehicles is now the target for many aftermarket car stereo companies, and Rydeen recently showed off a cool prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Rydeen is very close to having a complete double-DIN stereo head unit running Android 2.2, otherwise known as Froyo and can be seen running within the rear-view mirror.

Rydeen is currently treating this project as a learning experience, but hopes by next year it’ll have a finalized mirror with a simplified interface more appropriate for drivers. Those that have had the chance to use Android sometimes complain that it’s not as user-friendly as Apple’s iOS, but the great thing about Android is its versatility to be customized for an entirely new user experience.

Of course by the time this technology is ready to be consumed by the public, Android should be well into its fifth iteration that is rumored to be called Jelly Bean. Mmmm, jelly beans are so much better than frozen yogurt.

Check out a video of a hands-on with the Android integration after the break.

[Source: Engadget]

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