Honda Airbag Recall Expanded to California

Honda is expanding a massive airbag recall to include cars sold in the State of California.

This recall is regional as the issue has to do with moisture, and up until now it only affected hot and humid southern states. Honda decided to expand the recall into the nation’s most populous state after the company was told of an accident involving a 2005 model Accord. In that case, the airbag shot out hot metal and plastic shrapnel giving the driver severe burns, bruises and abrasions on her arms and leg.

“While this case does not match the areas that NHTSA has determined, Honda is adding California into the areas in which it is conducting a regional recall in order to investigate the cause quickly,” a Honda spokesperson told Automotive News. So far, Honda has recalled vehicles in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas.

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For now, the 2001-2007 Accord, 2001-2005 Civic and 2002-2006 CR-V are affected by this new recall in California, though it may spread to other vehicles.

This recall has been widespread through six different automakers, all of which sourced their airbags from the Japanese company Takata.

[Source: Automotive News]

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