Lexus RC Coupes Get a SEMA Boost from Gordon Ting


Lexus unveiled a performance-tuned version of its RC F and RC 350 F Sport coupes in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show.

The RC F is exciting enough in stock form, but in partnership with Gordon Ting. The build includes a carbon fiber front lip spoiler side splitter and side diffusers to enhance aerodynamics. Staggered 20-inch Yokohama Advan wheels measuring 255 millimeters wide in the front and 285 at the rear are wrapped in Advan Sport tires sitting in front of an upgraded Brembo brake kit.

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Its suspension is also upgraded to a Tein Mono Sport coilover setup, but that isn’t all. It also has a new intake and exhaust system from GReddy and a 100-shot wet nitrous system. Needless to say, that will increase how much power the 5.0-liter V8 is pushing to the rear wheels, but exact output figures weren’t part of the spec sheet Lexus released. In its normal state of tune, the RC F makes 467 hp and 389 lb-ft of torque, but you can bet that this version is considerably more powerful.

2015-lexus-rc-350-f-sport-semaWithin Lexus’ RC family of cars, the V8-powered model is obviously the most exciting option, but you might not guess that from looking at the RC 350 F Sport that Gordon Ting is behind. Painted in a deep shade of red and dresses in a custom wide body kit from Rocket Bunny, the less powerful of the two is also the more eye-catching hands down.

It rides on a set of custom wheels 265 millimeters wide in the front and 325 at the rear, also with an upgraded Brembo brake kit like its more powerful sibling. It also gets a coilover suspension although upgrades to the powertrain are limited to a new intake. Again, output on the build wasn’t disclosed.

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