Two Easter Jeep Safari Concepts Teased

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

In just a couple weeks the 50th annual Easter Jeep Safari is set to take place once again in Moab, Utah. Ahead of the big jamboree, this off-road brand has revealed teaser images of the concepts it’ll be unveiling at this legendary event.

Once again, Jeep has joined forces Mopar, FCA’s in-house aftermarket-parts division to create a range of exciting design studies. Seven such vehicles are set to be revealed at in the Utah desert. Regrettably, the company is only previewing two of these rigs today, and only in sketch form.

The first one they’re showing off is the Jeep Wrangler “Trailcat,” which appears to features bright green paint along with various matte-finished accents. A unique stripe pattern can also be seen running along its hood and front fenders. With “cat” in its name, could this Jeep feature a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 under the hood? Wouldn’t that be cool!

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“Crew Chief” is the second concept Jeep will be showing off in Moab. Glancing over the artist’s rendering, it too appears to be a gussied-up Wrangler, though one with decidedly retro flair. Its hood and grille appear to borrow styling cues from the old Grand Wagoneer, and the color looks straight up military surplus. A massive fender vent hints at BIG under-hood horsepower, though perhaps not of Hellcat caliber.

Obviously, five more Jeep concepts have yet to be revealed so stay tuned for that. The 50th annual Easter Jeep Safari is set to run from March 19 to 27.

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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