Toyota TJ Cruiser is an Unconventional Van-SUV Cross Breed


The Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV is a bit an oddity in the world of off-roaders, but it’s nowhere near as bizarre as the recently unveiled Toyota TJ Cruiser concept. 

The TJ Cruiser was shown by Totoyta today ahead of its debut at this month’s 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The automaker says the concept “represents the harmonious balance between the roominess of a cargo van and the powerful design of an SUV.” It’s essentially a high-riding, off-road ready box van with “sturdy” suspension, knobby tires and sliding doors for easy cabin access. The seats fold flat, making room for surfboards, lumber or other long in nature objects. The seat backs also feature tie-down points so your stuff doesn’t shift around when the vehicle is in motion.

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Interestingly, it seems as though Toyota is serious about putting the TJ Cruiser into production. The automaker says the “use of the next-generation TNGA” modular platform is “expected” for the vehicle, and it even mentions it will have a 2.0-liter hybrid drivetrain. The concept is front-wheel drive, but Toyota says a four-wheel drive system “is to be used.” It claims the unveiling of the TJ Cruiser Concept marks the “birth of a new van and SUV fusion genre aimed at drivers with active lifestyles,” so perhaps we’ll eventually see a production version come about. The question is, will it make it to right-hand drive markets?

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