Chinese Startup Teases All-Electric Crossover Ahead of Debut

The Byton SIV all-electric crossover will bow at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show next week.

First announced last September as the Byton from Future Mobility, the Chinese automaker has since changed the name of the crossover to SIV, while the company name has been changed to Byton. New details have been released as Byton has begun a teaser campaign on social media for the crossover’s debut on January 7, calling it a “smart intuitive vehicle” that has been designed for the “coming era of truly shared, smart mobility and autonomous driving.”

The model boasts a curved 49-inch touchscreen that offers what is being called a “shared experience” for all passengers, while “Air Touch” sensors allow the vehicle to be controlled using hand gestures. There’s also a cloud platform that connects the driver’s or passenger’s smartphone apps and data. Byton also mentioned the car uses “Intuitive Access” to unlock the vehicle, which is facial recognition.

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Powering the SIV is a 201-horsepower electric motor in the front and a 268-hp electric motor at the rear. The standard model is equipped with a 71-kWh battery, while a 95-kWh unit will be available as an option. The automaker claims the 71-kWh battery offers a range of around 200 miles and the larger unit does around 310 miles.

More details will be announced next week once the Byton SIV debuts at CES 2018, but the company is confident production will begin in Nanjing, China next year. It will go on sale in its home country in 2019, before heading to Europe and the U.S. in 2020.