Lotus Confirms it’s Working on Two New Sports Cars

Lotus Confirms it’s Working on Two New Sports Cars

Lotus is definitely working on a new crossover, but it’s not abandoning sports cars.

The company’s CEO, Jean-Marc Gales, has confirmed Lotus is working on two new sports cars and one will be sitting at the top of the range sometime in 2020. That model will basically serve as a modern-day version of the Esprit, according to Autocar. Currently, Lotus uses two platform families for its lineup: one underpins the Evora, while the other can be found on the Elise, Exige, and 3-Eleven. Both platforms have a focus on being lightweight, using an extruded, bonded, and riveted aluminum chassis, and the new model will follow the same formula.

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Although recent new variants of Lotus sports cars have progressed in getting lighter and faster, Gales says the new model will be a significant development and will “take the Evora a step further,” by being even lighter. It will, of course, follow Lotus’s mantra of “lightweight, aerodynamic, and handling.”

Eventually, the British automaker will also use powertrains from other divisions within parent company Geely, but for the near future, it will continue using Toyota powerplants.

Autocar reports there are fewer details on the second sports car, but it will likely be a two-seater. The only hint Gales gave is acknowledging “the market is now moving a bit more upmarket,” so it’s possible the new model will slot between the Elise and Exige.

[Source: Autocar]

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