Lincoln Star Concept SUV Previews the Luxury Brand's EV Future

Mike Schlee
by Mike Schlee
lincoln star concept suv previews the luxury brand s ev future

There’s a new styling direction as the American luxury brand heads towards an all-electric future.

Lincoln is an exclusive manufacturer of SUVs, so it’s no surprise that the Lincoln Star Concept is a utility vehicle. It’s an important concept for the brand as it hints at the manufacturer’s future in terms of interior and exterior styling, as well as electrified drivetrains. Within the the next few years, Lincoln plans to introduce three new all-electric vehicles, with a fourth following by 2026.

The Star Concept is built on a rear- or all-wheel drive BEV platform. The concept itself focuses heavily on interior design, incorporating elements not be possible with gasoline powered vehicles. For starters, there’s a front trunk with an electro-chromatic glass door that changes from transparent to opaque. When driving, it is transparent, allowing light in and making the contents visible. When parked, the glass door darkens to hide whatever is stored inside. Is it a bit of a gimmick frunk? Yes, but it’s still cool.

First Class Interior

lincoln star concept suv previews the luxury brand s ev future

To coddle rear seat passengers, the concept offers a few over-the-top, yet clever features. There’s a beverage chiller between the rear seats to ensure the finest of mineral waters is consumed at the proper temperature. The doors are backlit and the rear ones include what Lincoln calls a digital briefcase. It’s a hidden compartment that allows storage and charging of laptop computers as well as tablets.

To help ensure all occupants are in the best of spirits, there’s the Lincoln Embrace that features three rejuvenation moods. It combines the vehicle’s audio and lighting systems along with a scent dispenser to help set the mood inside the vehicle’s cabin. Here is the official summary of the three moods:

(1) Coastal Morning uses gentle, oceanic sounds, a fragrance of sea mist and the soft, warm glow of the sun with dynamic lighting throughout to replicate a stroll on the beach at sunrise.

(2) Mindful Vitality is meant to reenergize the senses, with invigorating, upbeat audio, dynamic abstract artwork, soft, glowing lighting and a flowery fragrance throughout.

(3) Evening Chill mirrors dusk using a calming night soundtrack coordinated with night sky video and an evergreen fragrance.

Safety and Glamorous Tailgating

lincoln star concept suv previews the luxury brand s ev future

With any forward-looking concept, state of the art safety innovations are always included. Although details on exact operation weren’t included, Lincoln mentioned the Star Concept features next-generation driver-assist technology such as Help Me See and Park for Me.

But our favorite feature of the Star Concept is the rear cargo area that has a lounge mode. It transforms the cargo compartment into what Lincoln calls an indulgent outdoor seat that we’re pretty sure would be the best place to be during a tailgate party.

Expect to see more details on upcoming Lincoln EVs in the near future.

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  • Poor Boy Poor Boy on Oct 05, 2022

    Lincolns EV Sales Plan Wont Look Like Fords and sadly, its ultimate production models will likewise bear no resemblance to the beautiful concepts. Sad.