The BMW 1M Drifts The Highest Helipad In The World [VIDEO]

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In this 45 second commercial, the all-new BMW 1M drifts on a helipad hundreds of feet in the air over a city. Is it real? Of course not but it is very entertaining to watch, and actually looks pretty realistic. BMW has been launching these fun commercials (1M vs the Concrete Walls), to stress the fact… Continue Reading...

Exotic Car Montage

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Showreel ’08 from AdvanTech on Vimeo. No sooner had we posted the Advantech Studios Mustang Slow-Motion Burnout video, than we received the company’s highlight reel for 2008. The automotive equivalent of porn, this is definitely some sexy stuff. Much of it was filmed for a yet-unreleased DVD but there are also a few short frames… Continue Reading...

Mustang GT Slow-Motion Burnout

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If you haven’t seen this amazing bit of video yet then you lead an unfulfilled life. Filmed by Will of Advantech Studios, it is truly an incredible work of cinematography, in a Jerry Bruckheimer meets Top Gear sort of way. And speaking of Top Gear, this clip was noticed by those British blokes a the… Continue Reading...