Hybrids Safer For Drivers, Dangerous For Pedestrians

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  Believe it or not, hybrids are safer in a crash than their gasoline-only counterparts, according to a new study by the Highway Loss Data Institute. “Hybrids on average are 10 percent heavier than their standard counterparts,” Moore said in a statement today. “This extra mass gives them an advantage in crashes that their conventional twins… Continue Reading...

Is Detroit The Next Silicon Valley?

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Could the motor city be turning into tech town usa? In a CNN Money special, Detroit’s automotive related technology boom is highlighted for its recent increase technology related jobs. Tech job openings rose 82% in Detroit, with companies like Google and Ford hiring engineers en masse. According to the report, Google says this will be its… Continue Reading...

CNN Erroneously Reports Secret Document Shows Toyota Knew of Sudden Acceleration in 2002

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After Toyota recently debunked an ABC News report about sudden acceleration in its vehicles, the Japanese automaker has now decided to take on CNN, after the news outlet reported that Toyota knew about sudden acceleration issues as far back as 2002. The story by CNN‘s special investigations unit reports that in a secret document Toyota… Continue Reading...