Fewer Teens Dying Behind the Wheel: Report

According the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, teen driving deaths have decreased 56 percent over the last two decades. (more…)

7 years ago

Crashes Kill Teens More Often Than Anything Else

Automobile crashes kill more teenagers than anything else according to a new study. (more…)

8 years ago

Teens More Likely to DUI After Riding with Drunk Driver

Setting a bad example for teen drivers has severe consequences. (more…)

8 years ago

Kia B.R.A.K.E.S For Teen Drivers

Kia has teamed up with B.R.A.K.E.S., a pro-active youth driving school to teach teens and their parents about the importance…

8 years ago

High Unemployment to Blame for Drop in Teen Driving

It’s a commonly held belief that young people are not interested in cars. As the narrative goes, they’d rather rely…

8 years ago

‘Thumb Socks’ Seek to Stymie Texting and Driving

Smokers have a small arsenal of gimmicks to keep deadly cravings at bay, but what about teens addicted to texting…

9 years ago

Texting and Driving Outlawed in Ohio

Fair warning, if you live in Ohio and text behind the wheel, you could face fines or worse: a suspended…

10 years ago

Five Safety Tips For New Drivers

This month has been deemed National Youth Traffic Safety Month, and in an effort to teach young drivers more about…

10 years ago