The Best Truck Covers to Protect Your Pickup

Jason Fogelson
by Jason Fogelson

Americans love trucks. But sometimes, we don’t care for our beloved pickups as well as we should. We leave them to fend for themselves out in the cold, or park them deep in the garage without any protection. Whether you park indoors or out, in good weather or bad, your pickup needs and deserves only the best when it comes to truck covers. A good cover will protect your vehicle from sun, UV rays, and heat buildup. It will be waterproof and breathable, tough, yet soft to the touch. It will provide security and peace of mind whenever you are away from your truck, because you’ll know that your pickup’s safe from harm.

When selecting a truck cover, be sure to find one that’s sized correctly and that will accommodate your truck’s particular configuration and accessories. Make sure the cover is easy to install, because if it’s a pain to put on, you’ll be much less likely to use it. Check your cover every time you install or remove it to make sure that it hasn’t worn through, ripped, or busted a seam. Even a little bit of moisture can be a recipe for disaster for a truck in long-term storage. Find the right cover, and use it – your truck will thank you.

We’ve explored the landscape of cover options for your pickup, and come up with this list of the best truck covers to meet your needs.

1. KAKIT 6-Layer Heavy-Duty Truck Cover

This KAKIT Truck Cover binds six layers of premium heavy-duty materials to form a waterproof, tear-resistant, UV-reflecting cover that is not only strong, but also includes a layer of super-soft cotton to protect your truck’s painted and chromed surfaces. Because while your truck may be tough, it’s got delicate parts too.

Wind is another enemy of truck covers, and the KAKIT 6-Layer Heavy-Duty Truck Cover comes with a double-stitched elasticized hem and two straps to secure the cover against strong gusts. KAKIT has engineered their truck cover to be easy to install, with a license-plate rope in the rear anchoring the cover as you pull it over the roof. A side door zipper allows access to the interior without removing the cover. A reflective stripe across the front is a great way to distinguish your truck, and will help keep it safe at night. A three-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee are also included in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.


Side-door zipper for easy access, easy installation, 30-day money-back guarantee


Doesn’t include an antenna patch or locking cable kit, three-year warranty is on the low end

Promoted Product: Platinum Shield Truck Cover’s Platinum Shield Truck Cover answers so many of the concerns of truck owners in one single product. Will it fit my truck? Yes, if you use the simple drop-down menus to order a cover that’s matched to your truck’s configuration, bed length, and whether or not you have a camper shell installed. Once you've chosen the correct size, adjustable tension panels at front and rear plus an elastic hem assure a snug fit.

Will it protect my truck from the sun? The UV-reflective material of the Platinum Shield keeps your truck safe from sun damage, and keeps your interior cooler in the process. Does it provide proper ventilation? The cover's breathable characteristics prevent mold and release trapped moisture, while also reducing wind stress. Is it durable? The water-resistant RipStop Polyester is not only tough, it naturally resists rot and mildew as well. It’s also easy to install, and comes with a free cable and lock set that you can use to keep your cover secure and protect your truck from theft.

Quality matters when it comes to truck covers, and the Platinum Shield Truck Cover is highly rated in that department, thanks to double-stitched seams, a polyurethane coating, woven polyester fabric, plus an ultra-soft fleece liner on the underside that protects and preserves your truck’s finish. That durability and high quality is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, making it no wonder the Platinum Shield is a top-seller.

*This is a sponsored placement.


Available in multiple shapes and sizes to match your truck, durable RipStop Polyester fabric construction, UV-reflective


Costs more than lesser competitors

Bottom Line

A worthy investment to protect your beloved truck

2. EmpireCovers Titan 5-Layer Series Truck Cover

Even though trucks are built to work, they need tender loving care between jobs, especially if they are going to be stored outdoors. That’s where the EmpireCovers Titan 5-Layer Series Truck Cover comes in, defending your pickup against rain, sun, snow, dust, and dirt. It’s so sturdy, it even forms a barrier against minor debris, protecting your finish with a comfy layer of fleece.

The cover is designed to give you peace of mind whether you’re looking at a day of storage, a week, or months at a time. Under the hood are three layers of polypropylene, a waterproof membrane, and a non-abrasive soft inner liner. The Titan 5-Layer seams are reinforced and fully waterproof, assuring the truck cover will perform reliably even in the toughest weather conditions. With full elastic hem, built-in grommets, and a strap-and-buckle system, Titan 5-Layer Series is a total protective system for your truck.


Seven-year warranty, built-in straps and buckles, all-weather protection


A little pricey

3. Duck Covers Rally X Defender Truck Cover

The Duck Covers Rally X Defender Truck Cover is a semi-custom truck cover, meaning you can choose from seven different sizing options to find one that best matches the dimensions of your pickup. This truck cover also features an elastic hem for a secure fit to your vehicle as well as non-scratch tie-down grommets and rope.

Made of a 4-layer water-resistant material, the non-abrasive, soft cotton backing protects the car’s finish while outer layers protect against dust, dirt, pollution, bird droppings, tree sap, and ultraviolet rays that can cause paint fading. Maybe best of all though, the Duck Rally X truck cover is grey with navy blue rally stripes, giving your truck protection in style.


Stylin’ blue stripes, semi-custom fit


No door zippers or mirror pockets

4. CoverMaster Gold Shield Truck Cover

The CoverMaster Gold Shield Truck Cover is a premium product -- a sleek cover for your treasured truck -- and it’s priced accordingly. Five total layers, including three layers of polypropylene, make the cover 100% waterproof. It also has a layer of microporous film that allows the car to breathe and prevents oxidation and water build-up, as well as a layer of super-soft cotton fleece as the final layer on the inside, i.e. the only material to actually touch your truck’s surface, ensuring no scratches to your paint job.

Offering extreme weather protection against snow, ice, rain, hail, wind, and strong UV rays, each Gold Shield Truck also cover comes with a free lock and cable, a free antenna patch, and a free storage bag, and includes a lifetime warranty.


Comes with plenty of free extras, lifetime warranty, 100% waterproof


On the pricey side, doesn't feature a door zipper or mirror pockets

5. Supreme Semi Custom Fit Truck Cover

You love supreme pizza, don’t you? You always order the tacos supreme, right? Then the Supreme Semi Custom Fit Truck Cover might be just what you’re looking for. It’s constructed with marine-grade robust woven fabric that is UV- and mildew-resistant, 100% waterproof, and thanks to a baby-soft cotton inner lining, 100% scratchproof.

The Supreme Cover offers protection from acid rain, wind, dirt, dust, storm, snow, hail, bird droppings, tree sap, and industrial pollutants, resulting in a durable, breathable, lightweight, and well-built cover. It has an elasticized bottom hem for a snug (semi-custom) fit, with non-scratch security grommets for tie-down, and also includes free buckle-straps, an antenna-reinforcement patch, storage bag, and a cable-lock system – everything you’d expect from a Supreme truck cover and more.


Lots of extras included, heavy-duty build quality


Only available in one color, only a semi-custom fit

6. Sailnovo Truck Cover

In a sea of product sameness, it’s nice to run across something different. The Sailnovo Truck Cover is a black satin truck cover, and much like its grey and silver competitors, is made of a breathable polyester fabric that is waterproof, dust-proof, and heat-resistant. It has reflective stripes on both front and rear, which is particularly handy if you park in public lots or at night.

All seams are taped to protect against weather intrusion, and keep dirt, dust, snow, frost, industrial pollutants, and bird droppings from reaching your truck’s vulnerable painted and chromed surfaces. Reinforced grommets add security, and double-needle stitching provides lasting durability. The black satin outer layer of the Sailnovo adds a great look, especially on a big truck – although be warned, it may not provide the same heat resistance as its reflective silver counterparts.


Unique black cover, reflective strips front and rear, durable materials for long life


Black cover may contribute to heat retention

7. CarsCover Ironshield Leatherette Truck Car Cover

When the lot is full of oxford canvas and grey polyester, a dark grey leatherette cover like the CarsCover Ironshield can take your breath away. And if you’re looking for the most heavy-duty cover to protect your truck against impacts, bumps, and scratches, this might just be the solution you’ve been seeking. Many owners are forced to store their treasured trucks in tight spots, trusting that neighboring vehicles and owners will be super careful at all times. (Easier said than done.)

Ease your mind with a leatherette truck cover, which, when lined with cottony fleece like the Ironshield, can offer an additional level of protection over the ordinary cloth covers. Additionally, this leatherette cover is weatherproof and waterproof, with a vent on top to release heat and moisture. It’s a unique, heavy-duty solution.


Heavy-duty protection, cool look and feel


A little bulky to handle, pricier than cloth alternatives

Recent Updates:

July 28, 2022: Removed Tonbux and CarsCover covers; OOS.

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