Car Care

The Car Care page is where you will find product recommendations, how-tos, and tips and advice on all the best car care products and methods for keeping your car running and looking like new. You will find everything about car care like how to clean your car like a pro, the best car vacuums, car waxes, car wash soaps, clay bars, fuel injector cleaners, headlight restoration kits, and more. This is a great place to look for car care products if you’re an expert detailer or just someone who enjoys a clean car.

How to Change a Car Battery

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Your car’s battery is what makes everything in your car go. From your ignition to your radio, if you have a bad battery, none of them will work properly. A car battery, even the best one, won’t last forever. Five to seven years is the typical lifespan of a high-quality battery, less in areas of… Continue Reading...

10 Car Noises to be Concerned About

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With a twist of the key or poke of its start button your vehicle’s engine should fire up with the urgency of a physician responding to a code blue. Continue Reading...