Most new parents believe once they purchase a baby car seat, their newborn is set for any sort of commute. But that’s hardly the case, as parents quickly learn they need more than just a car seat. One important accessory to purchase is a baby car mirror, so parents can keep an eye on their newborn throughout the drive.

For the first few months of a baby’s life, it’s recommended that they’re placed rear-facing in the car, avoiding unnecessary stress caused by flashing lights and passing cars. But rear-facing seats means it’s difficult to see how your baby is doing while you’re driving, which is where baby mirrors come in handy.

A baby car mirror is basically a mirror that attaches to the backseat headrest, reflecting the view back to your rearview mirror. Most baby car mirrors will boast similar features and specifications, but there are a few things to look for when choosing the right one for you. The most important aspect is to ensure the mirror is shatterproof and crash proof, so they don’t explode in an accident situation. You’ll generally want a curved or convex mirror so it provides a better view, and a product that stays nice and secure once it’s installed.

Most of the products on our list will seem very similar, so we chose them based on ease of installation and user reviews. Check to make sure the size of the mirror is what you need for your vehicle, and whether or not it will work with non-adjustable headrests, if your vehicle’s headrests are fixed.

For more information on baby mirrors for cars, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: So Peep Baby Backseat Mirror

so peep baby backseat mirror for car

Engineered with baby-safe shatterproof acrylic glass, our top pick comes from So Peep. This baby backseat mirror was designed with safety as the top priority and uses a secure double strap system to stay firmly fastened to the headrest. So Peep says this mirror is extremely easy to install, with no assembly required. Simply attach the straps to the headrest, pull the straps to tighten, and then pivot the mirror to get the viewing angle you need.

Featuring an extra large convex viewing angle, this baby mirror is fully adjustable so you can get the perfect view. Designed to remain stable while you drive, So Peep offers a no-questions-asked refund guarantee and each order includes a bonus e-book, “Baby’s First Foods—A Practical Guide and 20 Nutritious Recipes.”

2. Britax Backseat Mirror

britax backseat mirror

You’ve likely heard of the Britax brand before, a company that is well known for its car seats. Britax’s backseat mirror is an extra large convex pivot mirror, designed to reflect a head-to-toe view of your child. No assembly is required with this mirror, which uses adjustable straps to secure to your headrest. It’s a lightweight and shatterproof mirror that has been crash tested to ensure safety in the event of a collision.

Britax’s baby car mirror measures 11.5″ by 7.5″ by 3″ and weighs just 1 pound.

3. Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror

cozy greens baby car mirror

This baby car mirror from Cozy Greens has passed a 45 mph crash test at an official European testing facility, which is even stricter than standard U.S. baby car seat tests. It features a secure strap system to keep the mirror firmly in place, and each order includes a free windshield mirror for forward-facing car seats, a travel activities e-book, and a specialized cleaning cloth. This mirror comes fully assembled and is equipped with a stable 360-degree rotating ball joint so you can get the perfect viewing angle.

As an added bonus, Cozy Greens donates a percentage of its profits to ChildsLife Chances for Children, an American-approved charity that provides underprivileged children around the world with food, shelter, clothing, and a safe environment.

4. Lusso Gear Baby Mirror for Car

lusso gear baby mirror for car

Available in black, gray, or tan is Lusso Gear’s baby car mirror. This particularly mirror comes with a unique secure mount system to make sure it stays in place once its properly installed. Featuring a convex surface to offer a wide angle view, this mirror uses double straps for quick and easy installation, while the unique mount keeps the mirror pointed exactly where you need it.

Like many of the other baby car mirrors on our list, this one is shatterproof and completely safe to use. Lusso Gear also offers a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with it.

5. Baby & Mom Backseat Baby Mirror

baby & mom backseat baby mirror

This wide angle convex mirror from Baby & Mom is available in black or grey and is one of the cheaper options on our list. It comes fully assembled and has an unbreakable pivot attachment so it stays in place once it has been setup. Safety was a top priority when designing this mirror, which features shatterproof acrylic glass that can withstand any impact at any time.

The pivoting backrest attachment on this mirror has 360-degree adjustability, so you can set it exactly how you need it for a full view of your baby inside the car. Baby & Mom offers a 30-day, no-hassle money back guarantee.

6. Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

shynerk baby car mirror

From Shynerk, this extra wide baby mirror features shatterproof acrylic glass, heavy duty straps, and a 360-degree swivel. The straps boast reinforced stitching to make them stronger and more durable, while the ball-and-socket pivot is designed to last for years. This mirror comes fully assembled with two clips on the straps to make it extremely easy to install.

This product measures 11.4″ by 7.5″ by 1.1″.

7. Zacro Baby Car Mirror

zacro baby car mirror

Zacro’s baby car mirror is another extremely affordable option on our list, made of high quality eco-friendly, shatterproof acrylic material. It comes with a pair of attachment straps with buckles, making it easy to assemble and install. Featuring a wide angle design, this mirror does offer 360-degree adjustability and measures 11.8″ by 7.4″.

The company provides an 18-month “defects liability period” so if something is wrong with this mirror, you can get it replaced. One thing to note is that Zacro recommends this mirror to be used with adjustable headrests so it can be tightly secured.

8. Baby Caboodle Baby Car Mirror

baby caboodle baby car mirror

From Baby Caboodle is this backseat mirror, featuring a soft padded mat on the backseat to protect your seats. This mirror uses two buckle straps to hold it in place with a lightweight, shatterproof design. With an extra wide mirror, you’ll always have a full view of your rear facing baby at all times, even if he or she decides to wiggle around in the car seat.

Like Cozy Greens, Baby Caboodle donates some of its profits (10%) to charity. The company also offers a hassle-free warranty.

9. GroCreations Totview Baby Backseat Car Mirror

grocreations baby backseat car mirror

The Totview baby backseat car mirror from GroCreations measures 10.2″, which is a bit smaller than other options on our list. It does pivot 360 degrees for a clear head-to-toe view of your rear facing infant, and GroCreations includes a little “Baby-on-Board” sign with each order. This shatterproof convex mirror uses two durable nylon straps to attach to any rear seat headrest, while the secure mirror base helps keep it in place.

This mirror has been fully crash tested and certified, made with impact resistant acrylic. GroCreations includes a lifetime manufacturer replacement warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

10. EPAuto Baby Car Backseat Mirror

epauto baby car backseat mirror

Measuring 11.5″ by 7.5″ is EPAuto’s baby car seat mirror. This shatterproof, wide angle large convex mirror requires no assembly and installs quickly using straps. It features a 360-degree adjustable view and has an overall sturdy construction. It’s a bit cheaper than other products on our list and has comparable features, but EPAuto doesn’t mention any sort of warranty or guarantee.

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