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Mercedes-Benz luxury grand tourer returns as the SL-Class once again. The drop-top convertible is now a four-seater and is available with a choice of engines. Entry level versions come with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine while higher grades have a turbo V8.

The SL-Class represents some of the best technology, materials, and mechanics Mercedes-Benz has to offer, with a price tag to match.

Now and Then: 2023 Mercedes-AMG SL 63 Meets 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560 SL

The SL is one of Mercedes’ enduring icons.

Over almost 70 years, the Super Leicht has gone from a repurposed race car to a swanky boulevard cruiser, and somewhere between the two, depending on generation. The latest model embraces both sides of this family lineage. Now an exclusively AMG product, the R232 comes with an expected pedigree—but it’s also larger, becoming a 2+2 for the first time since the R107-generation drop-top of the ‘70s and ’80s.

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Detailed Specs


$137,400 - TBD


2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder / 4.0-liter turbo 8-cylinder / 4.0-liter turbo 8-cylinder plug-in hybrid


375 hp / 469-577 hp / 805 hp


354 lb-ft. / 516-590 lb-ft. / 1,047 lb-ft





Fuel Economy (city/hwy)

14 mpg / 21 mpg / TBD

Cargo Capacity

7.5 cu ft. Staff Staff

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