5 Reasons the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Should Be a Hit

Mike Schlee
by Mike Schlee
5 reasons the 2024 hyundai santa fe should be a hit

Hyundai launched an all-new Santa Fe at the Los Angeles Auto Show and it’s completely different than what came before it. New style, new technology, and a few innovative features highlight the updates to the mid-size SUV.

With changes as big as these, there’s always the question whether the vehicle will catch on with consumers or not. After spending a lot of time with the new Santa Fe, we believe this will be a hit for Hyundai. Below we’ve listed five reasons why.

Trendy Style

5 reasons the 2024 hyundai santa fe should be a hit

The most obvious change, and the one we believe will resonate with consumers, is the exterior styling. Boxy is in right now and the Santa Fe looks to capitalize on it. Like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus GX, a retro-boxy-SUV theme is sweeping the industry and Hyundai appears to be right on time.

Not only is it trendy, but the boxy shape has a lot of practical benefits. Larger, squarer windows lead to better sight-lines and an airy feel inside. The cargo area can hold more gear, in part do to the upright rear hatch door. As well, third row passengers benefit from more headroom.

Surprisingly Useable 3rd Row

5 reasons the 2024 hyundai santa fe should be a hit

While on the topic of the third row, the new Santa Fe's rear most seats are surprising spacious and usable. Measuring in at 190.2-inches (4,830 mm) in length, the 2024 Santa Fe is smaller than most other three-row SUVs. Despite that, it has one of the more usable third rows.

As mentioned above, the squared off roof provides plenty of head room, even for our six-foot tall tester. With 30-inches (761 mm) of legroom, there is enough space for most adults as well, at least for short drives.

Powertrain Choices

5 reasons the 2024 hyundai santa fe should be a hit

Two of the three powertrain choices from the current Santa Fe make their way into the new model, just slightly different. Gone is the entry level 2.5-liter four-cylinder option, giving the 2024 SUV more standard power.

Standard for American shoppers, and optional in Canada, is a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that now makes 277 horsepower and 311 pound feet of torque. Standard in Canada, and optional for Americans, is a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid that now makes a bit more power, up to 232 total system hp and 271 lb-ft. of torque.

Trick Features

5 reasons the 2024 hyundai santa fe should be a hit

SUVs are all about utility – the word is right with the name. The Santa Fe has some cool new features that should be a hit with owners. On either side of the vehicle, between the second and third row windows, is a flap concealing a built-in handle. It’s a grab handle to help owners pull themselves up when stepping on the rear tire. It greatly assists with loading and unloading the roof rack.

Inside, the center console between the driver and front seat passenger has a dual-opening lid. It can be opened conventionally from the front, but it can also be opened at the back. The lid pivots on the opposite end not being opened, giving the first and second row occupants easy access to the storage bin.

5 reasons the 2024 hyundai santa fe should be a hit

For even more storage, there are two glove boxes, one of which can include a UV-C sterilization compartment. Back on the center console, the Santa Fe can also be had with a pair of wireless phone charges, so there’s no more fighting as to which phone should be charged.

XRT Model

5 reasons the 2024 hyundai santa fe should be a hit

Just as hot as the boxy trend in the SUV world is the preference for more rugged-looking models. The 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe XRT has this covered. Much of the exterior trim and cladding is black, along with black roof rails and cross bars. Dark chrome highlights add a bit more shine to the vehicle, as do the black 18-inch alloy wheels.

But the XRT isn’t just a flashy exterior upgrade. The wheels come wrapped with 30-inch all-terrain tires, measuring 245/60R18 in size. There’s an additional 1.4 inches (36 mm) of ground clearance and the XRT can tow upwards of 4,500 pounds when properly equipped.

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5 reasons the 2024 hyundai santa fe should be a hit
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