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Many of us try to eat right and have a well-balanced diet. We eat good foods and try to keep ourselves in good shape. Most of us benefit from taking vitamin supplements to boost certain areas of our nutrition, like taking vitamin C for immune system help and calcium for strong bones and teeth. Much like with our bodies and vitamin supplements, your car can benefit greatly from adding select additives to your fluids, like those from Liqui Moly. The right additives can expand the life of your engine, transmission, and more, and give you better fuel economy and a boost in performance.

Liqui Moly has a full line of additives for every lubricated area of your car or truck. You can use them to improve something that shows a decrease in performance due to age and wear, or as a preventative element to keep your motor, transmission, brakes, or drivetrain operating at optimal performance.

Oil Additives

Every engine needs oil to operate, but it goes beyond simply that. Liqui Moly’s oil additives do far more than simply lubricate your engine’s moving parts. Two main areas you hear about with regard to motor oil are viscosity and thermal breakdown. Viscosity is how resistant your oil is to friction and how it stays in a fluid state during that friction. As metal moves against metal, a viscous oil stays fluid and allows those metal parts to move against each other without issue. Thermal breakdown is the oil’s ability to resist the heat created by the friction. The heat helps break down the oil, which is part of the reason you need to do oil changes often. Liqui Moly has developed additives that boost your motor oil’s ability to resist heat and remain fluid longer and better than standard motor oil, but they also do more.

With age, use, and the effects of heat over time, the seals, gaskets, and parts within your engine wear down. This can result in oil leaks, oil burning during the combustion process, and overall poor performance. Liqui Moly’s Oil Additives help these seals retain their ability to work, causing less oil leakage and excessive burn-off. This helps reduce oil consumption in your motor, resulting in less of the dreaded blue smoke from your exhaust, and increases in compression within your engine.

Fuel System Additives

Oil is not the only fluid going into your engine. Gasoline comes in through the carburetor or fuel injector, is turned into a gas when mixed with air, and combusts, forming the basis for an internal combustion engine. Liqui Moly has additives for your fuel system that perform multiple tasks, all of which benefit your vehicle. Modern fuels, especially those with ethanol added, burn differently than some other forms of gasoline. You can and will see varied performance between fuel brands. Liqui Moly’s DI Jectron helps achieve maximum cleaning performance in the combustion chamber, injector tip, and the entire fuel system. It is also designed to stop new deposits from forming in the first place and offers fantastic corrosion protection. Just add it to your fuel tank once every 2400 miles.

Liqui Moly’s Super Diesel Additive is a great choice to keep your diesel fuel system working its best. Boasting a combination of additives that are designed to prevent corrosion, increase lubrication, and reduce fuel pump and injector wear, Super Diesel Additive also helps you save on fuel.

Liqui Moly has fuel system cleaners for your car, boat and more, with specially-developed additives for trucks that help deal with the type of driving you do with a pickup truck. Liqui Moly also make a line specific to diesel engines. These additives work wonders with diesel motors to keep them operating at peak performance.

Coolant Additives

One of the most important and easily damaged systems in your vehicle is the coolant system. This vital part of your engine is what keeps the friction and combustion from the engine from destroying itself and melting down into a solid lump of steel and aluminum. As coolant is pumped through your engine and cycled back out to the radiator, the heat and chemical makeup of the coolant reacts to cause minor imperfections in the coolant to build up. As this builds, it can cause your motor to overheat, or your coolant system to fail.

Liqui Moly makes a specialized additive that removes these deposits in your cooling system. These deposits form in all water-cooled engines, so it makes sense to help protect against build-up. The Liqui Moly Radiator Cleaner additive removes scale, grease, sludge, and other deposits. This helps restore proper cooling and performance.

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