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The Toyota Crown defies classification. Part sedan, part crossover, and all hybrid, the Crown replaces the Avalon in the Japanese brand’s lineup. Two four-cylinder engines are available, one turbocharged and one naturally aspirated. Regardless of which is chosen, both come exclusively with all-wheel drive.

Perhaps more obvious is the Crown’s styling. Not for everyone, it does make a statement and stands out form the crowd. There’s even a two-tone paint option.

Toyota Prius Vs Toyota Crown Comparison

It’s another case of sibling rivalry here at AutoGuide.

Toyota offers not one but two all-hybrid car models. One is—of course—the Prius. Wholly redone for the 2023 model year, it’s went from gawky to gaw-dang gorgeous. The hybrid poster child is finally, finally cool, and it packs far more power than before as well as the traditional exceptional fuel economy.

But there’s another choice for those wanting a little more. The Toyota Crown debuted a few months before this Prius, sitting atop the Toyota car lineup. It replaces the Avalon, in a shape that’s just as unique as that of the Prius, but in a different way. A raised sedan might just be the purest definition of the word “crossover.”

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Is the Toyota Crown a Sedan or a SUV?

The Toyota Crown came to market late last year as a new full-size vehicle offering. Available with a host of hybrid powertrains, it features unique styling and cool two-tone paint options.

The Crown left many people with the same question though. Is this new Toyota a car or a SUV? In an attempt to help clear things up, we’ll look at several aspects of the vehicle to see if it truly is a car, or a SUV.

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2023 Toyota Crown First Drive Review: The Emperor’s New Groove

Remember this figure: Twenty thousand. Give or take.

That’s the number of 2023 Toyota Crowns the Japanese brand is hoping to sell in the US next year. Last year the company shifted 19,460 Avalons *, the full-sized sedan the Crown ostensibly replaces.

The Crown has been an enduring name in Toyota’s home market for decades, the flagship of the family. It was last officially on these shores 50 years ago, however, so it’s essentially a new name for most buyers. Toyota is using that opportunity to introduce folks to a new type of sedan, one that includes some of the features buyers are ditching the car for in the first place. An elevated ride height and taller cabin should, at least in theory, stem the flow of buyers heading to SUV-land.

The result is a vehicle that isn’t afraid to get a little weird. Or a lot. But beyond its unusual looks, the 2023 Toyota Crown feels stuck between segments: too SUV-like for the car crowd, and too car-like for the SUV crowd.

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Toyota Crown vs Toyota Venza Comparison

These two Toyotas don’t easily fit into any one category. So welcome to a different sort of comparison: the new 2023 Toyota Crown versus Toyota Venza.

Both the Crown and the Venza are hard to categorize. The Venza debuted two years ago, not quite a mid-sized SUV, but so much fancier than your garden-variety RAV4. Then the Crown dropped last month, a high-riding sedan that draws a whole lot from crossovers. It’s unusual, it’s striking, and Toyota hopes it will sell even better than the Avalon it ostensibly replaces as the flagship of the sedan family.

And hey, they’re both only available as hybrids. So there’s that.

This isn’t a traditional comparison, then. We’re not focusing so much on which one is the better vehicle, but more on how they’re different, both from each other and other options in their price range.

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Toyota Crown vs Lexus ES: Which Luxury Sedan is Right for You?

The Toyota Crown is a car unlike any others on the market. But there’s a family rivalry brewing. For the best luxury bang for your buck, we’re looking at the Toyota Crown vs Lexus ES.

The Toyota Crown is a wholly different proposition than the Avalon that came before. A sort of crossover between a sedan and an actual crossover, this vertically stretched sedan sits as the flagship of Toyota’s car lineup. Available only as a hybrid (including a new, more powerful setup in the top Platinum trim), it certainly can’t be accused of blending in.

For similar money, you can get a luxurious four-door in a more conventional shape. Lexus has been cranking out the ES for 30 years now, and the latest one continues what it does best: smooth, nonplussed transport in a spacious, comfortable cabin. There are similarities—not least of which is the shared chassis both cars ride on—but the ES differs from the young upstart in a few key ways.

Which one better suits your needs? We take a deep dive into both cars’ specs to figure that one out.

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Detailed Specs

Price$39,950 - $52,350
Engine2.5-liter 4-cylinder + hybrid / 2.4-liter turbo 4-cylinder + hybrid
Power236 hp / 340 hp
TorqueN/A / 420 lb-ft.
Drivetrain6AT / eCVT
Fuel Economy (city/hwy)29-42 mpg / 32-41 mpg
Cargo Capacity15.2 cu ft. Staff Staff

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