Saleen Warranties Null & Void Says New Owner


Saleen’s new owner, MJ Acquisitions, will not be honoring any outstanding warranties on Saleen Inc. products, services, or vehicles.

That’s right, MJ Acquisitions recently sent a letter to all certified Saleen and Racecraft dealers stating that customers will have to pay for any repair costs because Saleen Inc. has ceased operations. It clearly states that, “MJ Acquisitions, Inc. is not responsible or obligated to cover warranties and/or any financial liabilities of Saleen, Inc.” The bad news applies to all Saleen products sold prior to February 2, 2009.

That’s bad news for the customers, but there is also bad news for the retailers. Saleen Inc. will also no longer be able to cover parts or labor on any vehicle with a Saleen warranty – including unsold vehicles currently sitting on showroom floors. This will certainly make those vehicles a lot harder to move.

MJ Acquisitions says in the letter that it feels sorry for the outcome and wants to reassure customers and retailers that the Saleen brand will continue.

Now, we can’t see the future, but it’s not a stretch to predict that Saleen might just fade away after this news. The Mustang community is a tight-knit one and trying to sell Saleen cars and car parts to that same customer base after this news could be damn-near impossible.


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Dranklin A. Alvey says:

I am considering the purchase of a new 2009 Mustang Saleen, via a local Portland, Oregon Ford dealer. Does this article mean that Ford will not cover warranty work?

Thank you,