MTM Launches “MTM Individual” Customization Program With Porsche-Green Audi R8

Audi tuner MTM has just launched a new customization program called MTM Individual, allowing customers to personalize their cars to an even higher level. And to show just how particular some customers can be, the first vehicle to undergo full personalization is an Audi R8 that, among other things, has received a coat of bright green Porsche GT3 RS paint. (Is nothing sacred?)

Contrasting with the wild green paint are many gloss black accents, including the side blades, gas cap, brake calipers and wheels. And on the gas cap, the R8 stands out in bright green, as do the words “MTM Forged” on the “Bimoto” wheels, which measure 20×9-inches up front and 20×11-inches in the rear.

Additional exterior highlights include a gloss black front splitter, a black R8 badge on the rear, black mirrors and black finished MTM exhaust pipes.


To back up this wild exterior, MTM has equipped the R8 with it’s supercharger package that pumps up horsepower to 560 ponies and torque to 428 ft-lbs.

Other modifications include the MTM aero kit with a front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser as well as a new “Lift-Up” suspension system that allows for the vehicle to be raised or lowered by as much as 40mm (1.6-inches) at the push of a button.

With the launch of the MTM Individual program, this R8 might just be the tip of the iceberg, so expect to see more wacky creations in the near future.

GALLERY: MTM Individual R8


Official release after the jump:

Nothing off the peg: MTM individual makes the Audi R8 unique

•    New programme at MTM fulfils every customer wish •    Motoren Technik Mayer paints the Audi R8 in original GT3 Porsche green colour •    Compressor modification increases the performance by a third to 560 hp (418 kW) •    Aerodynamics kit made of carbon fibre pushes the super sports car on the tarmac •    Forged wheels MTM Bimoto in 9×20 and 11×20 inches •    Height-adjustable chassis springs for Magnetic Ride System and serial dampers

Customers who want to avoid that their neighbours suddenly shows up with the same car, are now given a guarantee by MTM that this will certainly not happen. The new programme MTM individual meets all customer wishes and creates a unique automobile. Therefore, MTM allows an individualisation of the car, as far as the ideas of the customer reach. Nothing can top this exclusivity.

Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM) now shows what the individualisation programme offers. Following customer requirements, the automobile manufacturer from the Upper Bavarian town Wettstetten has modified the Audi R8 to such an extent that a unique sports machine has been created and there is no second car like that.

The most striking novelty of the middle-engine super sports car with the aluminium body is the garish green paint. “Porsche 2D8“ is the exact name of this brash colour which became famous on the Porsche GT3. With this work, MTM confirms its love for details. As apart from the large-scale paint of the aluminium body, the internationally successful car refiner also painted areas in the engine compartment and has left further accents all over the car. Therefore, not only the colouring is unique, but also the manufacture.

On all four black brake callipers and on the black fuel cap, there is a green “R8” nameplate. The ultra-light MTM Bimoto light alloy wheels measuring 9×20 and 11×20 inches in glossy black, show the green nameplate “MTM forged” on one spoke per wheel and therefore refer to the high-quality forged technology of the rim. In the interior, the exciting car colour repeats at the seams of the suede MTM steering wheel and the “Quattro” nameplate on the glove department flap. Also, the “R8” logo on the gear-shift shines in green.

But the striking colour does not reduce MTM´s own stylishness. Therefore, Motoren Technik Mayer sticks to the characteristic two-colour paint which is typical for the Audi R8. Behind the doors an area measuring 12 inches and painted in glossy black renders a contrast and gives the car a distinctive R8-appearance.

MTM-Compressor confers the V8-engine with 560 hp and 428 ft-lbs of torque.

And MTM would not be MTM when they settled with a new paint. Therefore, they also offer a significant performance enhancement. The especially developed compressor technology which made MTM famous all over the world, propels the performance of the V8-engine with 4.2 litres cubic capacity from 420 hp (313 kW) by a third up to breathtaking 560 hp (418 kW). Also the maximum torque increases by 34 percent from 430 to 580 Newton metres. MTM also offers this enormous power improvement for the Audi R8 with the V10-engine. By exchanging the motor electronics, the performance of the latter then increases from 520 hp (388 kW) to 560 hp (418 kW) as well.

The right sound is rendered by the new exhaust system with valve control which leads into four black ceramic-coated end pipes. Re-engineered side-blades which direct the airflow from behind the doors right into the middle engine provide the necessary air supply.

In order to transfer the newly gained power on the road, an extensive aerodynamics package renders the necessary downthrust. At the front, the splitter made of carbon fibre which is painted green on the top and matt black on the bottom thrusts the automobile on the tarmac. The side skirts and the rear diffuser, both also entirely made of green varnished carbon fibre hold the rear axle of this 4WD automobile on the road. Therefore, the MTM R8 achieves top speeds on the race track. In order to avoid hitting the ground on road bumps or garage exits, MTM added its Lift-up-System. This optionally elevates the front- or rear axle by 40 millimetres and enables the driver to master all everyday chicanes.

With the Audi R8 makeover, the world-wide renowned automobile manufacturer confirms that there are no limits to individual cars from MTM. This leads to exclusive automobiles in the highest production quality, precisely designed according to the wishes of the customer.

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