Report: Based on Chevy's Claim That Volt Gets 230 MPG, Nissan Estimates Electric Leaf Gets 367 MPG

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Based on a new system to rate the fuel-economy of plug-in hybrids, Chevy announced yesterday that it’s Volt will get 230 mpg in the city. Using the same math, the folks at Nissan have determined that their upcoming electric Leaf will get 367 mpg.

The 367 mph rating was posted on the automaker’s Twitter page yesterday and is obviously somewhat less-than-serious, as rating a vehicle that doesn’t use gas in terms of its gasoline consumption is, to say the least, a stretch.

While the EPA has yet to release its rating system for measuring the fuel-economy of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, GM’s formula appears to be based on a 51 mile city driving cycle. As the Volt can travel 40 of those 50 miles on pure electricity using no gasoline, only the remaining 11 miles involve any consumption at all. What this means is that the Volt can travel 51 miles on 11 miles worth of gas, which works out to 230 mpg.

[Source: LeftLaneNews]

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