Leaked: 2011 Mustang GT to Get 412-hp 5.0-Liter V8

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

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***UPDATE*** Official 2011 Mustang GT info and pictures here ***UPDATE***

***UPDATE*** Additional information has now leaked out, with the new 5.0-liter V8 making 412-hp at 6500 rpm and an impressive 390 ft-lbs of torque ***UPDATE***

It’s official, the 5.0 is back! That’s right… we learned today that the iconic 5.0-liter will return in the 2011 Mustang GT with an impressive 412-hp. This information was released today and was embargoed until the 28th, but after a loose-lipped individual leaked the info, we’re certainly not going to sit back and miss out.

The output is still short of both the Challenger SRT8 and Camaro SS, but those vehicles weigh hundreds of pounds more, so the added power, combined with the ‘Stangs more nimble chassis should make the already superior performer a unanimous winner in the muscle cars wars.

Ford is set to debut the car at the Detroit Auto Show, and the return of the 5.0 was expected after Ford debuted a new 305-hp 3.7-liter V6 for the base Mustang at the LA Auto Show.

AutoGuide will bring you full coverage of the official debut on January 11th, unless, of course, more info is leaked… because we’re currently sitting on a long list of technical specs that will have five-oh fanatics drooling.

Colum Wood
Colum Wood

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  • Dustin Munro Dustin Munro on Dec 25, 2009

    (copy of letter I emailed Ford) Congradulations Ford for making the 3.7 litre 305hp Duratech v6 and using it along with the optional Coyote 5.0 litre 400hp v8 -both aluminum block engines in the 2011 Mustang.To my understanding Ford is basicly retrofitting the 2010 Mustang with those engines for the 2011 model year and doing the same thing with the 2010 F-series pickup trucks too for the 2011 models too.There are three other Ford vehicles that should have the 2010 models retrofitted for the 2011 model year-the slated for discontinuation in September 2011 Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis/Town Car.That would solve the major complaints mentioned in the Consumer Report magazines; 1.Underpowered during accelleration.Duratech and Coyote are much more powerful. 2.Poor fuel economy.A v6 as base engine would improve that-probably have a fuel economy similar to the 2010 Taurus. 3.Not the best winter traction-weight distribution-retrofitting with aluminum v6 as base engine would greatly improve weight distribution and of course winter traction. 4.That would also reduce production costs-Junk the current cast iron 16 valve v8 in all 2011 vehicles-and retrofit with the Aluminum v6 and optional v8.Ford was or is working on a 200hp 4 cylinder engine for a fuel miser base engine for the Mustang,either continue that or make one as a 2.5 litre v4 200hp version of the Coyote v8 for the base model Mustang and Ranger pickup truck. Don't discontinue the Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis/Town Car-make them on a new platform-I recommend the F-series platform with wheelbase modified for at least 50% weight in back for great winter traction and optional 4wheel drive-built on request!

  • Dustin Munro Dustin Munro on Dec 25, 2009

    (another copy of email letter to Ford) There are reasons I recommend the F-150 platform OR the new Ranger pickup truck platform as a new Global Rear Drive Platform.It is the same way Ford uses the Taurus platform for Its front drive cars and Flex Minivan and uses the Focus platform with the Transit. The reasons I recommend the F-150 pickup truck platform-or the new T6 Ranger platform ford is developing for an all size global rear drive platform for all rear drive vehicles(Mustang,Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis/Town Car,Australian built Falcon,Full size vans etc.) are: 1.It is a new rear drive platform designed for the optional 4wd. 2.It is built with a major towing capacity. 3.To my understanding-it would meet all safety standards. For example,lets compare the wheelbase,length,and weight of the current Crown Victoria with base model F-150 and Ranger pickup trucks and the weight of the top line versions. Crown Victoria F-150 Ranger Wheelbase 114.7 in 125.8 111.5 Length 212.0 in 213 189.4 weight (lbs) 4,118 4693 3012 (top line)Town Car 4359 5,744? 3672 The Crown Victoria is only one inch shorter than the base model F-150 while the wheelbase is about 11 inches shorter.To my understanding,the F-150 despite the empty box on the back has a weight distribution of 56/44% which is the same as the base model Crown Victoria.To use the F-150 platform as a new "panther platform"for those three full size cars and the Australian built Falcon may also give those vehicles a 50/50% weight distribution without needing to adjust the wheelbase.If necessary,adjust wheelbase for 50/50% weight distribution.Possibly make a full size car for Europe as a ressurected Scorpio.Make a shrunken version of the platform for the Mustang and possibly other small and midsize rear drive cars too.Here is how to figure the cost of using that as a new platform on the full size cars: 1.Full Size platform-already developed. 2.Duratech 305hp,coyote v8-already developed. 3.New bodystyles on the three cars and Falcon and new interiors only real developement costs.