Mazda Shinari: New Pictures of Mazda’s Stunning Concept

Mazda Shinari: New Pictures of Mazda’s Stunning Concept

With the reveal of the Shinari concept earlier this week, Mazda has now released an additional selection of photos of the car, making us love this design even more. Giving us a glimpse at the next Mazda6, the Shinari is also a design concept for all future Mazda models as the Japanese automaker moves away from the old Nagari design language to this new style, known as Kodo.

The new style of Mazda is a collaborative effort between Mazda’s design studios in the U.S., Germany and Japan.

In addition to the exterior design of this car, Mazda also aims to make a big push in improving its interiors, which are already quite impressive. Derek Jenkins, design director for Mazda North America even commented that the Japanese automaker wants to compete with BMW and Audi in terms of interior quality.

Mazda has not said when we expect to see the new design language first used in a production model and gave no hints that this Shinari sports coupe would make it to production – although we can certainly hope.

Expect to see the Shinari debut on a larger scale at the Paris Auto Show in just a few weeks time.

GALLERY: Mazda Shinari Concept