Mercedes CL65 AMG Black Edition by Anderson Germany

Mercedes CL65 AMG Black Edition by Anderson Germany

Even though Anderson Germany is labeling its Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG project the “Black Edition,” it’s not exactly what we were hoping for. Given how nice the SL65 AMG Black Series is, we were expecting perhaps a nice and aggressive widebody setup on the CL65. But alas, it’s just a clever marketing scheme as the Black Edition CL65 AMG from Anderson Germany is merely… flat black.

That’s not to say it isn’t a killer car though. Given that the factory CL65 AMG sports 604-hp thanks to a twin-turbo V12, Anderson Germany already had a potent foundation to build off of. Through some research and design, they’ve released a power package that includes an ECU retune, air filters, a sport exhaust that includes new catalytic converters, and larger pulleys bringing horsepower output to an astonishing 670-hp figure.

As we mentioned already (and is obvious in the photos), the CL65 AMG sports a matte black finish on the exterior while carbon fiber accents are seen throughout on the mirrors, window frames, front grill, door handles and hatchback panel. Under the hood are also some carbon fiber accessories.

For shoes, Anderson Germany bolted on a set of 22-inch staggered wheels with 22×9-inches in the front and 22×10.5-inches in the rear. The wheels are of course finished off in a glossy black shade with carbon edging. And on the inside, the interior is reupholstered with diamond-patterned stitching with a ton of carbon fiber accents throughout.

It’s worth mentioning that Anderson Germany is more than happy to pick up your vehicle to customize it, no matter where you are in the world. What that costs, and why you would want to opt for that – we’re not too sure. But hey, it’s your money.

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A generation in advance: With the CL, ANDERSON GERMANY has created a new category of vehicles which, for the first time, has combined the elegance and dynamic of a Coupé with the performance of a sports car. The high performance Coupé with the powerful V12 motor and exquisite fittings from Düsseldorf is a synonym for exclusive performance and elite style.

The increased performance should be mentioned first: The engine performance has been improved using software optimisation, sports air filters, a sports exhaust system (plasma coated) including racing catalysors and larger pulleys and now boasts a startling 670 HP.

The new lacquered bodywork in satin matt de luxe/black gives the car an even more elevated status. We also have a carbon exterior packet in jet black made up of an external mirror, window frames, a front grill, door handles, hatchback panel, ventilator frames on the engine bonnet as well as diverse engine room coverings.

ANDERSON GERMANY also offers exclusive light metal rims. For the wheels, the elite tuner has selected 22 inch rims in black/gloss with carbon edging in jet black. These measure 9×22 inches and 10.5×22 inches and are equipped with high performance tyres by Michelin in size 275/25-22 and 295/25-22. Directly behind them are the large break shoes, also lacquered in jet black.

For even better road contact, ANDERSON GERMANY has installed a rear spoiler lip to allow for more output – electronic lowering supports the whole thing.

The interior has also undergone positive change. The leather finishing has been elaborately decorated with double cord edging combined with a diamond pattern. Numerous extras in the interior like the mirror, central console, steering wheel, entrance ledges, door framing and light framing have a carbon finish. The interior also includes a complete HiFi system and an interior finish in carbon leather/dark brown leather/dark brown Alcantara. Despite all this, customer-specific tailoring is still possible upon request.

ANDERSON GERMANY offers a special pick-up service, no matter where the car in question is located. The final product is naturally delivered to the same place again afterwards.