SEMA 2010: Best In Show, Part 2


Our second installment of the Best In Show series profiles the cars that made SEMA what it is – sport compacts. Yes, some of these cars push the boundaries of taste, but others are fairly creative and actually enhance the looks of the stock car.

The dominant cars this year seemed to be the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and the Nissan GT-R. Honda products seem to have fallen from their once hegemonic dominance of the tuner crowd, while Scion and Hyundai have taken some crucial market share.

We assembled a gallery of some of the choicest sport compact. Check it out below.

GALLERY: The Sport Compacts of the 2010 SEMA Show

SportCompact 009.jpgSportCompact 010.jpgSportCompact 013.jpgSportCompact 016.jpgSportCompact 023.jpgSportCompact 034.jpgSportCompact 015.jpgSportCompact 008.jpgSportCompact 007.jpgSportCompact 017.jpgSportCompact 018.jpgSportCompact 019.jpgSportCompact 020.jpgSportCompact 025.jpgSportCompact 021.jpgSportCompact 030.jpgSportCompact 033.jpgSportCompact 032.jpg