2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Subaru Trezia STI is no FT-86

Looking forward to Subaru‘s version of the Toyota FT-86 Concept? Sure you are! But what if you could get your hands on another STI-tuned Toyota-derived Subie. Um….. maybe not.

Unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Trezia STI gets an overhaul by the legendary Subaru Technica Institute.

Never heard of the Trezia? We don’t blame you. It’s the newest addition to the Subaru lineup overseas aimed at expanding Subaru’s sales there with a down-market model. A result from the continued cooperation between Subaru and Toyota, it’s actually just a rebadged Toyota Verso MPV. In fact, unlike the rest of the Subie lineup, it’s not even AWD.

No engine modifications have been made to the small 1.5-liter 4-cylinder, leaving power at a meager 107-hp – although an STI muffler might free up a few fractions of a pony. There is a complete aero kit and, as well as an STI tuned suspension and some plus-sized light weight wheels.

OK, so it’s no sports car, but for a box-on-wheels people mover, it’s about as stylish as they come.

GALLERY: Subaru Trezia STI Concept


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