Ferrari 458 GT by Extreme Speed Motorsports Tests Ahead of ALMS Debut

With the race season about to get into gear, anticipation for 2011’s finest race cars continues to grow. Last year, Extreme Speed Motorsports entered the American Le Mans Series with a pair of Ferrari F430 GT race cars. This season the Scott Sharp-owned race team will be campaigning Ferrari’s new 458 GT.

Scott Sharp, who will be one of the team’s drivers, has teased the world with new photos of their Ferrari 458 GT, and we have to say, it’s quite the eye candy. Despite missing its full graphics, we are already in love with how sleek the 458 looks in American Le Mans race car form.

For those that know little about Extreme Speed Motorsports, their hard work throughout the 2010 season paid off with a runner-up finish at the Petit Le Mans to close out the season. Now the team looks forward to working on their 2011 race program and the 458 GT to grow off its success.

The ALMS season starts March 18th at the 12 Hours of Sebring.

GALLERY: Extreme Speed Motorsports Ferrari 458 GT

ferrari_458_gt_1.jpg ferrari_458_gt_10.jpg ferrari_458_gt_11.jpg ferrari_458_gt_13.jpg ferrari_458_gt_19.jpg ferrari_458_gt_16.jpg

[Source: Jon Sibal Blog]