Honda NSX Development is Back on Track

Rumors have been tossed around for years that Honda is debating whether or not to bring the NSX back to the research and development stage, possibly releasing a true successor to one of Japan’s most exotic cars. When the HSV-010 GT race car was announced, belief was that Honda would be resurrecting the NSX’s development following its shelving back in 2008.

Now it looks like Honda fans will get their wish granted.

Company president Takashi Ito recently confirmed that NSX development is underway and Honda may be re-entering the realm of true exotic sports car to battle it out against the likes of Nissan’s GT-R and the Lexus LFA. With so many years having gone by without a new NSX, some feel that Honda’s top-of-the-line model has lost its shine with all of Japan’s finest now taking the spotlight. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking right now that Honda will strike bigger and better with a new NSX, but we’re optimists at heart.

[Source: JapaneseNostalgicCar via Autoblog]