Dealers Raising Car Prices After Japan Crisis


From the “Entirely Too Predictable” files, the ongoing crisis in Japan has spooked dealers wary of car shortages to raise their prices.

Instead of the time-honored car buying traditions of haggling and deep discounts, buyers are paying sticker price on cars that may suffer from delayed shipments from Japan, such as the Toyota Prius, Yaris, Honda Fit, CR-V and Insight, and a few Acuras and Infinitis. Where consumers could expect small discounts of 10-15 percent, they are now paying the full $18,200 on a Honda Insight, for example.

The affected cars are usually hybrids or compacts, and the price increases could last months. As hybrid parts trickle in and dealer lots aren’t getting new shipments, expect to pay full price for a new Japanese car for a long time. Hey, the laws of supply and demand are a fickle mistress.

[Source: ABC News]