Matte Black Aston Martin DBS by Anderson Germany; Bond’s Evil Brother Scores a Ride

Anderson Germany just keeps setting a new standard when it comes to building luxury and exotic vehicles. This time around, an Aston Martin DBS gets what the tuner calls the ‘Superior Black Edition’ treatment from the infamous tuner, making 007’s famed ride look ever so menacing. In fact, if Batman was a little more sophisticated and subtle, this would probably be his vehicle of choice… really.

The matte black exterior to the DBS’ body is probably one of the best matte black cars we’ve laid eyes on. Just the sleekness of the black combined with the curves of the DBS makes for a very beautiful piece of machinery. Contrasting the dark shade is a set of bright red calipers peeking behind a set of 21-inch wheels. On the inside, the DBS gets its fair share of carbon fiber goodies along with black leather and Alcantara sprinkled in. Red stitching accents the black theme, much like the exterior calipers.

Performance wise, Anderson Germany claims that their DBS puts out 560-hp, a 50-hp increase over the factory figure. We strongly doubt all 50-hp came from just the exhaust upgrade, we’re going to bet there’s an ECU retune of some sort to get the extra boost in power. Although really, with looks this good, we could care less if it makes 6-hp or 1,000.

GALLERY: Anderson Germany Superior Black Edition Aston Martin DBS

anderson_germany_aston_martin_dbs_superior_black_edition_2.jpg anderson_germany_aston_martin_dbs_superior_black_edition_4.jpganderson_germany_aston_martin_dbs_superior_black_edition_3.jpganderson_germany_aston_martin_dbs_superior_black_edition_8.jpg